Your Life is a Financial Journey – Do You Have a Roadmap?


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18 Responses to “Your Life is a Financial Journey – Do You Have a Roadmap?”

  • paul ryan:

    hi david i have used your simply budget soft ware for 4-5 years now. it works fantastic for my wife and i it basically looks after it self now with only minor adjustments needed thank you . my question is my oldest son is struggling with debt repayments should i get debt busters and simply budgets software and use them together or start with debt busters and introduce simply budget later regards paul ryan

    • admin:

      The answer to your question is related to how many debts your son has, not how much debt he has.

      If he has many debts (perhaps more than 4), DebtBuster will be very useful to him. If his problem is high debt but not many debts, then he may well be better off just going straight to Simply Budgets.

      Debt Buster was designed to help people with many debts and allows them to work out the most efficient way to use their debt reduction payment money.

      Using both may be a good idea but I would not suggest spending money on something he does not really need so have a look at the number of debts and you will know if this is applies to his situation or not.

      David Wright.

  • Bia:

    Hi, I was wondering if you were planning on developing a mobile version of this application? I’m looking for a budgeting solution that offers PC and iPad sync. Thanks.

    • admin:


      We are working on a Mac version with an i-phone app to collect data and synchronise with the budget when you return to base. I believe there is enough display space available on an ipad to build a full application, not just a data collector.

      Obviously will take some time, but we are working on this now.

      David W

  • admin:


    Your order number is the number you use to register. You would have received a couple of e-mails at the time you placed the order and at least one of them will have that.

    If you can’t find it call my office and we will help you out.

    David W

  • Jamie Burke:

    Hello my merry xmas My computer crashed just before xmas Ive last my registered number to my program, My email was Im wondering if you could please send me my activation number please

  • Karin:

    When will you be doing workshops in Perth?

  • Helen:

    Hi David, I have purchased the childrens PocketPal and would like to know is there a possiblity of purchasing the paperwork example cheque books, job sheets separately for replenishing the packs.

  • dale:

    Hi Just wondering how the Iphone app and the mac version is coming along?

    Best Regards

    • admin:

      Dale, we are having a good hard look at this issue and it seems the smartest next move is to develop an online application that can be used with any hardware that can surf the web. That would mean, Mac, PC, iPhone Android, iPad….

      Will take some time but seems like the smartest next move considering that Windows 8 has now moved the goalposts in that direction.

      David W

  • Paul:

    G’day, I’ve been using simply budgets for several years now, and it’s a great product. I’ve just recently switched over from windows to apple Mac and have simply budgets version 2 working well on a virtual machine using vm fusion. I’m also using an iPad new version whenever I’m away. Do you have an update when your iPad version will likely be available? Regards Paul.

    • admin:


      We were going to put a lot of energy into a Mac version and were getting ready to start when Windows 8 beta was released and we realized we needed to change direction.
      We will now be heading in the direction of an online version so it can be accessed from any gadget that has a browser, including Windows, Mac and iPad.

      David W

  • CK:

    Recently heard about you from a relative returning from a work assignment in Perth. Any chance of a US appearance this year?

    • admin:


      I am planning to be in the USA in June for some TV interviews and then again later in the year for some seminars.
      If you look up you will see I am working with this company. They are on a mission to totally change the way Credit Scores cause people so much grief in the USA.
      They have a Debit Card that records and reports your regular payments generating a credit report that builds your credit score without having to go into debt.

      Of course you need to make regular payments on time to achieve this and that is where my budgeting program comes into the story.

      I will be doing some webinars with them in June so maybe contact them to get the details.

      David Wright

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