It’s Better Than Ever!

Hello again,
It’s almost three weeks since I launched Simply Budgets Version Two which was a total rewrite from the ground up.

The feedback I have had from people who have purchased a copy has been overwhelmingly positive (in fact, there have not been any negative comments at all).

A Quantum Leap Forward” and “I have used Simply Budgets version one for years and loved it but this is so much better” are the two comments that pretty-well sum up what people have been saying.

If you are not one of the hundreds of people who are already getting the benefits available from using this new software and if you have been ‘thinking’ it’s time to turn the corner with your finances and have just been spinning your wheels for way too long, now is the time to do something about it. AND there is no risk because I 100% money back guarantee it will work for you. You get 365 days to decide whether Simply Budgets actually is a good deal or not.

I don’t know of anyone else who is brave enough to offer that kind of guarantee but I am happy to offer it because it is so important to me to have happy customers who actually get results and after 27,000 people used Version One of Simply Budgets I know what works and what doesn’t.

Version Two of Simply Budgets IS a quantum leap forward so now is the best time to promise yourself you will take control of your money and leave the stress of juggling bills behind and then do something that is proven to work. Purchase your copy today and you will have it to use over the week-end.

Within hours you will be seeing the benefits! (In fact you could stay up late tonight, put all your numbers and dates into Simply Budgets, let it do it’s magic, print out your plan for the next year with your target bank balances for each day all mapped out in front of you and then have a much more relaxed life than you ever imagined).

If you haven’t seen the details of the New Simply budgets please go to to see what is new compared to the old version and if you just want to watch me demonstrate the new Version Two to see what all the fuss is about go to

You can place an order at

That’s all for today.


David Wright