Teleconference “Best & Worst”

Teleconference “Best & Worst”

For those of you who managed to get on the teleconference with
Kurek Ashley and me last night I think you would agree Kurek
was all about giving his ‘best’ and that was the benefit of his
knowledge and experience about how to make change for the better.

However it was the ‘worst’ experience for many people because
try as they may they could not get on the call because of a
problem I didn’t know was going on in the background.

Because Kurek and I were on the call I assumed everyone else
was on as well… Not so…

Recording Available

Fortunately I did record it and so I recommend you go to and take the opportunity
to listen in. I think you will find it very interesting.

Free Tickets Available

You will also notice Kurek has offered tickets to some
upcoming events he is running. I would recommend them to
anyone who is able to attend!

Perth Workshop

While I think of it, time is running out for all you
Western Australian folk if you want to meet up with me
at the ‘Succeed With Money’ workshop on the 20th of November.

Please go to
to find out more and book a spot if you think what we
are offering is of interest.

I have booked flights and am not far off being able to
confirm a venue.

People who attended one of these workshops on the East
Coast have agreed that they got more than their money’s
worth and there is a money back guarantee so its not a
risky decision.

Your Comments

In fact, could I get some of you who attended in Sydney,
Melbourne and Brisbane to leave a comment below this blog
just telling what you thought of the day and whether you
would recommend it or not and why/why not.

Have a great day.

Remember… above the clouds it’s a beautiful sunny day!

David Wright

Simply Budgets