A Warning About Free Budget Worksheets

A Warning About Free Budget Worksheets

Post by David Wright

30 Aug 2013

There are plenty of Free Budget worksheets available online but how do they compare with following a Budget Report from a system that really works?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you only get what you pay for”!

You can find plenty of free stuff on the internet including Free Budget Worksheets. I have one available at my web-site (Click Here) and like all the others, you will find it useful in putting together a list of the things you need to put together a personally budget for yourself.

However a worksheet type of budget is never going to generate the kind of information that will change your life.

I know; I’ve done plenty of budgets in the last 18 years and helped over 28,000 people take control of their day to day cash flow. I can tell you that a ‘worksheet’ budget at best can tell you if you have enough income to cover your known expenses (or not), but after that it is pretty useless!

The easiest way I could explain why would be to show you a picture of a Jet fighter saying it can fly faster than the speed of sound and then ask you to fly it.

Knowing a budget plan CAN work does not magically make it so you know HOW to work it and all a worksheet type of budget can do is tell you it is possible to make ends meet!

So in reality you can put a lot of time and effort into filling in a Budget Worksheet but in the end it is probably not going to do you a lot of good!

If this got you thinking I can tell you there is so much more that was not taught in schools about money it is not funny. So many people have misconceptions about budgeting and money management it is not funny. In reality it is quite simple and is common sense. I have written an entire 12 month training course called Simple Wealth Steps that is based around what I have discovered over the last two decades as I developed my personal budgeting software. It is life changing information and it is all simple stuff but most people don’t know about it and never get to do it.

Simply Budgets is totally different and is all about giving you the HOW information you need in order to go off and live your life WITH a budget plan that is easy to follow with vastly reduced financial stress. This is in stark total contrast to being constantly stressed financially because your budget is a worksheet full of useless information.

I hope this has given you some hope that maybe not all personal budgets are made equal and even though plenty do not work, some do!

Find out more at www.simplybudgets.com.au