David Wright

David_Wright_full_length01David Wright is the founder of Simply Budgets and The Spending Planners Institute.

David grew up on a small farm in central Queensland in Australia and after completing high school he spent 5 years training and  working in a Metal Trade before deciding to change careers. He trained and entered into Secondary School Teaching and for 20 years taught Industrial Design and Technology at various State Schools in South East Queensland.

After reaching the top of the pay-scale ladder as a school teacher, David realized that nothing was going to improve financially unless he found a new and more effective way to manage his finances. Driven by a desire to do better, he spent thousands of hours developing and fine-tuning a system to better plan his financial affairs. The system he developed worked so well, he felt he just couldn’t keep it to himself.

Built on real-life experiences, Simply Budgets became best selling software with well in excess of 25,000 copies. It was built on sound financial principles that David accidentally rediscovered, but approached from a different angle and it was this unique focus that made Simply Budgets simple but very powerful.

David came to see that while his software was very popular and powerful it would be more effective in the hands of people who were trained and certified to deliver not only the software, but a coaching service that took clients through the correct steps to set it up and then add mentoring and accountability.

From this the Spending Planners Institute was born and the Simply Budgets system that allowed David to take control of his own family’€™s finances has now been placed in the trust of a growing team of Certified Spending Planners who will ultimately help thousands, if not millions of people from all over the globe to take control of their finances as well.

His story, advice, observations and systems have been featured in magazines and newspapers such as The Courier Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Review, PC Authority,  The Sunday Mail, Money Magazine, Independent Financial Advisor and various other publications.

David has addressed audiences at seminars and expo’€™s in various locations around Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK.

David has appeared on Australian Television on Channel Nine’€™s ‘A Current Affair’€ and ‘€œBrisbane Extra’€ and Channel Seven’€™s €’Today Tonight’€. He has been interviewed on radio in Australia on stations such as 4BC, 4EB, 3AK, 5DN, 6PR and the ABC. More recently he has given radio and television interviews in the USA on shows such as Business of Success, Wall Street in the Morning and Money TV

David is happily married, has three children, 6 grandchildren, and enjoys restoring and riding classic motorcycles, time with family and playing piano and guitar.