An Awesome Template for Reviewing 2013

Well I think it’s time to start slowing down for a few weeks to enjoy the Christmas season, celebrate the birth of Christ, welcome in the New Year and recharge your batteries ready for a great 2014.

I recommend you take some time out to reflect on the last year and pat yourself on the back for the achievements you are pleased with and also ask yourself how you managed to mess up the things that did not go so well.

You may have heard me say previously “we don’t learn from pleasure, we only learn from pain”, so it is in looking at the things that did not go so well that you will find the keys to a better year in 2014.

You might want to use the following Big E’s as a guide to your review of 2013.

  1. Emotions – How well did you manage to identify when feelings were overtaking logic and you were in danger of making decisions you would come to regret? If you know you failed in this area in 2013 maybe make some rules for yourself for 2014 so you know what you will do BEFORE temptation comes knocking on your door!
  2. Environment – Did you spend more time at the Pub, the Pokies and the TAB than was good for you OR, did you mix with people who you look up to and who inspire you?

    Was your time spent entirely with people just like yourself?

    If you change your environment you change your outcomes!

    In 2014 maybe look for a service club, a political party, a church group, or some organisation where people strive to improve the lives of others based on a set of beliefs and/or values. I think you will find there are huge benefits in doing so.

  3. Education – Did you go to any seminars or take on any formal study? Did you go out of your way to learn new skills or the viewpoint of someone different to yourself?

    Education is one of the keys to a better life but be mindful of the saying  by Stephen Covey “to know and not to do is really not to know!”

    You can have all the knowledge in the world and it be useless to you if you don’t take action!

    If you don’t know what you don’t know then I recommend you take some action, any action at all, and then you will start to find the questions that need answers!

  4. Ego (and Self Esteem) – Did your view of yourself limit what you accomplished in the last 12 months? If so I suggest you start a Success Journal where you write down each day something you did or achieved that you are pleased about. You will build up a really great case to believe in yourself!
  5. Expectations – If you want to be successful you should expect to be successful!

    This is tied in with your attitude! Are you a ‘Chicken Little’ and is the sky falling or are you someone who goes, over, under, around or right through the middle of problems and things that get in the way of your dreams?

    Expect a big 2014 and even when things are not going right keep believing and expecting!

  6. Expenses – Did you spend more than you earned in 2013? Did you feel like your costs were out of control?

    I recommend you sit down and prepare a budget plan that identifies the target amounts you will accept for each of your expenses. Do you go grocery shopping with no target in mind or do you have a nominated amount that you will limit yourself to?

    If you have no limits you will spend whatever happens to come your way. If you decide on target amounts you will have a much better chance of keeping your costs under control.

  7. Earnings – How much did you earn in 2013? Was it more or less than you are worth? If you place more value on yourself you will earn more and people will get more from what you do for them (this is tied in with self esteem).

    Others will never value you more than the value you place on yourself so if you want to earn more start placing a higher value on what you do and deliver great value!

  8. External Events (and forces) – Did some bad ‘Stuff’ happen to you in 2013 that you had no control over? If so, did it have a major impact on your finances?

    If you have your finances in order and something unexpected comes at you from left field, you have a much greater ability to deal with it than if your finances are in a mess! Make sure you have a copy of Simply Budgets AND USE IT IN 2014 and you will have a lot less stress around money!

  9. Excuses – If you were really honest with yourself, was 2013 a year where you blamed everyone and everything but yourself for not achieving what you really wanted or were you prepared to accept that the buck stops with you?

    You know you can convince yourself of anything and believe it is true if you want to!

    If this wasn’t the case you would not be able to find anyone with a different opinion or set of beliefs than you. Is it time you challenged a belief that is holding you back? A belief can be changed in an instant so 2014 could be better than 2013 simply by dropping an excuse!

  10. Energy & Enthusiasm – Were you so depressed by poor outcomes in the past that you found it hard to find the motivation to do anything other than the mundane day to day stuff in 2013, or did you decide to be excited and enthusiastic about everything you did?

    A decision to be energetic and excited will change everything!

    Energy comes from the mind, not the muscles!

    If you doubt that, imagine what would happen if you were really pooped and struggling to find the energy to get into bed and a grizzly bear jumped out of your wardrobe! I think you would FIND some energy!

    The more you think energy and enthusiasm the more you become enthusiastic and energetic!

    Be a ‘go getter’ in 2014!

    Do not rely on your feelings. You can be feeling tired and ‘down’ one day and excited and ‘up’ the next and the only thing that is different is the way you feel. In reality there are the same opportunities on both days!


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