Are You A Procrastinator?

Hello again,

I’m always on the lookout for ways to add value to what I deliver to you as one of my readers.

Recently I met Clive Murphy at a Business Expo.

Clive is the author of 4 books, one being a best seller. He has been helping people overcome emotional issues like depression, anxiety, lack of motivation and a lack of confidence for something like 29 years.

One of Clive’s books is about how to stop being a Procrastinator and is titled “I’ll Do It Later”.

Procrastination affects everyone in some way and it can be very frustrating.

After I told Clive about what I do and how I like to regularly share something of value with my readers Clive kindly offered to make “I’ll Do It Later” available in eBook format to all my readers at no cost.

If you keep putting things off and would like to know how to deal with this, take this opportunity to download and read this e-book. You can access it from here –

Don’t put it off till later… Do it now!!! 😉