Big-‘E’ #5 What are you Expecting?

Good morning everyone! I am here in the beautiful city of Irvine, south of Los Angeles in the USA as I write this message and I have to say that today’s topic is extremely relevant for all of us and I just proved it.

However, I will explain later.

We’re up to Big-‘E’ number 5 today and that is ‘Expectations‘.

What are your Expectations in life and what outcomes are you getting?

Have you ever wondered what it is that causes one person to earn one level of income while another person earns twice as much or more? Could it be related to expectations in some way?

So far we have looked at the Emotional, Environmental, Educational and Ego or Self Esteem factors that we all know have the potential to play a big part in our financial outcomes.

Let’s look at how Expectations have an impact.

Think of your friends and the people around you and consider what you think they expected out of life when they left school. (Not what they wanted, but what they expected).

What is it that sets our expectations and causes us to accept or reject our financial performance?

If you began your working life expecting to be successful I would be surprised if you are not there now, or if not, you are on your way there. For most of us our reality is within a short distance of our expectations.

Now you might be thinking that’s totally wrong. I expected to have an easy life and it is far from that. Please don’t confuse ‘expected’ with ‘accepted’. If your life sucks right now, have you accepted that? If you have and you are prepared to just go along with it then deep down inside you probably expected things to go wrong. Perhaps the reality is that you really only dreamed of an easy life!

Rarely do people get more than they expect! If you don’t expect to get offered a large increase when you approach your boss and ask for a pay rise then I’ll bet he or she has no problem reading your body language. You get what you expect!

If you have the Expectation that you are worth a lot, it is usually backed up with the Ego to go with it. If your Ego is low you are probably Emotionally unstable as well and your Expectation will be low to go with that. I expect you can see that all these are interrelated.

I could throw Education in here as well since we are looking at Big-‘E’s. If you have learnt skills and knowledge that is of value to your boss or your clients then you should have a higher Expectation of what you are worth. You should not hesitate to ask for more than you would if all these were missing.

So, you need to increase your expectations of yourself and of others if you want to achieve and receive more. Not just for one day, but for every day.

How do you raise your expectations and keep them raised? If you decide to expect more out of today and you get the same as you got yesterday it would be easy to say that does not work and forget all about it.

The best way I know of to raise your expectations and keep them higher is to sit down and consciously set some goals and then focus on them till they become sub-conscious. Never doubt you will achieve them. I guess the word confidence comes in here as well. It is closely related to what I am talking about (must be a Big-‘C’).

In the last 16 years that I have been doing Simply Budgets I have always had the expectation that it is going to have a major, positive impact on the finances of millions of people around the world. I just knew it the moment I stumbled on the system that changed my finances for the better. I didn’t know HOW it was going to come about but I have always expected it and pursued it with passion.

Have a look at this short video clip of a TV appearance I made here in the USA this week.

I said at the top that I just proved today’s topic is relevant for all of us. I was referring to that TV interview and the business relationship that is growing between Simply Budgets and Trycera Financial based in the USA.

That will not be the last TV interview because I expect there will be more. I would go so far as to say I know there will be more even though I have not been invited to do more yet. And I have a high expectation that millions of people in the USA will be impacted in a positive way by the Simply Budgets software and training products I have developed over the years that are now coming available to them.

Now please don’t think that the last 16 years have all been smooth sailing and easy! I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to ignore the fact that my finances would have been in much better shape had I followed a different path. However my Expectation has always been that no matter what came my way I would help thousands of people and I would prosper as a result. There have been times when things happened that were way beyond my expectations and there have been times when things happened way below my expectations but I have been relentless just the same.

You need to have high expectations and you need to apply lots of tenacity.

So to finish off Big-‘E’ number 5, I want you to look closely at your expectations or yourself and your life. Do you know what they are? What do expect to achieve in the next week, month, year and decade? What do you expect out of life?

If you don’t know, it is time you gave it some serious consideration or you can Expect to get less than you want!

That’s all for today. I hope you found something of benefit in today’s blog.


David Wright