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"If you want to master your household budget and get rid of all your anxiety about money then you should attend my CashFlow Clinic.

Spend just 1 day with me at my CashFlow Clinic to see how you can take control of money rather than have it control you (and start living the lifestyle of your dreams)."

This 1 day Clinic is packed full of what you need to do to take control and master your own household finances. In just
1 day you’ll master the use of the brand new V2.0 Simply Budgets software
and start rewarding your family with those ‘special treats’ that you can’t afford right now.

How would that feel?

David Wright PhotoHi, I'm David Wright.

If you detest living from pay to pay, you really need to take advantage of my CashFlow Clinic.

If you’re working your butt off and feel that you’re not getting anywhere then join me at my CashFlow Clinic to see how simple the solution really is.

If you’re sick of ‘just getting by’ and finding your self in ‘catch up’ all the time then get organised and get off the treadmill.

And, if you’re coping well but want to get better at managing your money then you’ll find my CashFlow Clinic will work for you as well.

Free of Worry
You will be given the budgeting tools, the know-how and the system that will set you free from the worry and anxiety of paying your bills and not having enough money left to live on till the next payday.

For almost 15 years now I have been helping people to get their home budgeting under control and to live free of worry about ‘paying the bills’.

Just imagine...

Being able to give your family a special weekend away at the beach.

Treating your partner to a great dinner at the best restaurant in town and taking them to a show afterwards.

Giving your kids that very special gift that you haven't been able to afford up till now.

These are the things that make life so much more rewarding - giving those we love something special.

What others have to say...
The best way I can tell you that this is true is by showing you what people who have already attended my Clinics have said.

"I liked your delivery of the information and made the info easy to understand"

Hi David,

I really did enjoy Saturday and couldn't shut up about it all weekend.

I honestly would rate it at an 11 out of 10, in fact it exceeded my expectations. I felt that you covered everything for me. I particularly liked the story in the beginning about living in the dump in Manila - it put lots of things that we take for granted into perspective.

I liked your delivery of the information and made the info easy to understand. The day was very good value for money  - thank you.

The info I felt was in a logical sequence and one topic flowed to another. I believe that the information gained will certainly give me the control over money instead of the other way around.

- Julie


"A huge amount of stress has been lifted.  That alone was worth the price of admission, so a huge "Thank you"

My wife and I very much enjoyed Saturday.  It's the first time in 18 years of marriage that we really felt that we had a plan, as opposed to - as you correctly pointed out - the more usual "well I think it's OK, so let's do it and see what happens later" approach!  After getting home we spent the next 3 hours and then much of Sunday (again today) working on the software for personal and 3 businesses.  Mind-blowing!

We are in the process of selling a rental property and one of our businesses but we weren't really sure how it would all pan out and whether we would have the cashflow to survive ... and if so for how long.  Now we know. 

We also can see in advance where the problem dips are most likely to occur, so have taken corrective action in advance to eliminate those dips.  A huge amount of stress has been lifted.  That alone was worth the price of admission, so a huge "Thank you"!

Why doesn't anyone else teach this - and specifically, why isn't this required training (and software) provided in schools?

Regards and thanks
- Andrew


"I came away from this seminar
walking on cloud 9, I felt 150%


Thank you for your wonderfully inspiring course today. Your speaking was very inspiring and motivational, although I already had read and heard a lot of what you had said before, today it actually sunk in and had a huge impact on me.

I came away from this seminar walking on cloud 9, I felt 150%.

I know I know how to do this and I that I can do this, it isn't hard especially with the tools you have provided. It's time for me to do what I have always believed I am capable of doing but always doubted because of families attitude of going out on a limb and having a go. Thank you a millions times over for this!

- Donna


"People do not know what they're missing!"

Hi David,

The program is just sooooo good and easy to follow!!!!!  People do not know what they're missing!

I couldn't wait to "get into it" and found that while my finances weren't too bad, there were a lot of areas where I could cut back to allow for long term and "shock" purchases.

I used to be one of those people who spent hours with a pencil and 13 column money book to work out my finances and still not know why we couldn't manage if something cropped up unexpectedly and we would have to resort to the plastic.

Good work and Thanks so much for Simply Budgets.

- Chris
(Cash flow clinic Sydney)

I am just exploding with excitement because I have been able to help so many people reach the point where they can afford the sweet things in life. Where they are not constantly worried every time the postman calls. Where they’re not constantly trying to make ends meet.

I look forward to each Clinic with excitement because out of all the things I do, getting in front of a room full of people and showing them how to fix their finances is what I love doing most. And that’s because people who attend get such terrific results (Oh alright, and I get to play school teacher again after years off the job).

If you want to breathe easy at night knowing that you can pay ALL your bills on time then take a look at what you’ll hear about at my Cash Flow Clinic.

Great Value with 4 Special Bonuses
And so that you can get the benefits of attending my CashFlow Clinics I’m keeping your investment as low as I possibly can.

Right now you can book for just $297. That’s it. No more to pay.

For a one off investment of $297 you’ll receive a ticket to my CashFlow Clinic and you’ll also receive my 4 special bonuses valued at $618.

That’s $885 in value for just $297.

I am so sure you will never regret the day you came to one of my CashFlow Clinics and to help you make the decision to attend I am offering four compelling extra reasons why you should book your place for a CashFlow Clinic right now.

Special Bonus Offer #1
Bring your spouse/partner for Free - I want you both to know how to stop living from pay to pay and to pull in the right direction! Value $297

Special Bonus Offer #2
I will give you a copy of my budgeting software, Simply Budgets, so that you can start immediately, at the Clinic, to map your way to financial freedom. And I’m there to work with you each step of the way. I’ll work through your concerns one at a time. Value $127

Special Bonus Offer #3
If you want to clear your debts faster than you thought possible then DebtBuster is for you. You can work out which debts to pay first and how to save $hundreds, if not $thousands, in interest payments. Take control over your debts and start living. Value $47

Special Bonus Offer #4
I’ll also give you additional 'bonus' software to help you plan future financial directions (Wealth Reality Checker, Wealth Planner, Car Loan Calculator, Investment Property Analyser and more...). Value $147

** My 'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee. **

If you are not convinced by lunch-time on the day that attending the CashFlow Clinic was one of the best decisions you ever made, just tell me so during lunch and I will ask no questions. I will simply arrange to refund your money and you can keep the Simply Budgets software and the other bonus software you received.

You can't get a better offer than that! There is absolutely no risk for you. And you get to keep $618 worth of bonuses if you are not happy with my CashFlow Clinic.

Why do I provide such a generous guarantee?

Over 27,000 people have benefitted from using my home financial planning system. And I know that you too can achieve financial freedom by putting my budgeting software to work for you and your family.

Why do I provide such a generous guarantee?

Because I know the benefit that over 27,000 customers have received from using my home financial planning system. And I know that you too can achieve financial freedom by putting my budgeting software to work for you and your family.


This is a Limited Offer
Because I offer a very personalised service at my CashFlow Clinics the numbers are strictly limited. Clinics often sell out so you’ll need to book immediately to make sure that you get a place at the next one near you.

This is your chance to work with me and get started on your very own home money management plan to achieve financial success.

If you have been to a CashFlow Clinic then you might like to come along for an update to the new version of Simply Budgets. I don’t know about you, but I always pick up new points and ideas when I’m at workshops even when I thought I would have heard it all before.

So if you want to start taking control of your financial journey and reward yourself and your family then book now.

It can make the difference between a BIG year of success or giving in to the ‘doom and gloom’ out there. It’s up to you. Do you want a great year finally getting your budget under control or do you want more of the same?

To book for the next CashFlow Clinic...

Cashflow Clinic

Only $297
1. Bring your partner/spouse for FREE
2. Simply Budgets V2.0 Software FREE
3. DebtBuster Software FREE
Software Calculators

London: February 26th 2011
Sydney: March 12th 2011
Brisbane: April 2nd 2011
Adelaide: April 9th 2011
Melbourne: April 30th 2011
Perth: May 21st 2011

N.B. To participate fully you need to bring a computer to
the Clinic that will run Windows based software.

*** 100% Safe and Secure Site ***

Workshops are run On Saturdays and start at 9:00am (sharp) and finish at 5:00pm.

When you book you'll receive confirmation and other details about the workshop.

And finally...
Information is one thing but you need more. You will also spend time using my home financial planning system I give you at the CashFlow Clinic. I'm there to work with you each step of the way - all your questions will be answered.

You'll leave the Clinic knowing that you will be able to go home and sort out your financial future once and for all.

Topics covered during the workshop are:

  • Why people have trouble with money.
  • Your personal rating as a money manager.
  • Developing a 'Financial Road-Map' for the next year
    and beyond.
  • Goal-setting for your finances.
  • The value of small amounts of money.
  • The perfect budget.
  • Self Discipline vs Knowledge around money.
  • Protecting yourself from yourself with money.
  • Arranging your accounts for easier money management.
  • Using games to fast-track your finances.
  • Arranging your money so it tells you when your bills
    are due.
  • Why some people succeed while others fail.
  • Delayed Gratification - What's in it for you!

All of these topics are brought together in a way that makes sense and leaves you looking forward to tackling the financial journey ahead!

I have been in this business for almost 15 years and I have presented at hundreds of Clinics. I keep the program practical and simple. You'll be surprised at how easy my system really is.

I look forward to seeing you at my workshop.


David Wright
Simply Budgets

PS At my Clinics I do not like to work in a crowded room with my clients so numbers are strictly limited. When the seats are filled, bookings will definitely be closed.
Make a booking now and don't miss out.

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