Could you possibly do it better in only 5 mins a week?

So are you asking “Do WHAT better in 5 mins a week?”

Well before your mind starts to wander off too far; I want to know if you believe 5 mins a week is enough time to absolutely master your household finances better than you could ever imagine leaving you wondering what to stress about now your money is under control… Or do you think it just could not be that easy?

No doubt you knew it was something like that – right?

So, there would be plenty of people who spend hours a day both at work and at home, worrying about money and not getting any closer to resolving the problems. If that’s the case, how could it be possible to take control and remove stress in 5 mins a week?

There are literally thousands of people reading this message who know what I am talking about. For the rest of you I am sure you are thinking NOT POSSIBLE!

At the end of this message is a link to view a short demonstration of my brand new Simply Budgets V2.0 software. It will show you what I am talking about. But first, here is what a few of the thousands of people who used the old version had to say.

Well 2 years ago I had personal loan of $7,500 I was struggling to pay. I was 2 months behind in my rates and credit card payments. Then I discovered Simply Budgets so no more late fees or interest charges on the credit card cause its one day late. Keep up the good work.
Annette, Mackay, QLD.

18 months ago something had to be done. We were living from pay to pay and we had a $9,200 credit card debt. Now I’ve paid all credit card debt and have savings of $10,000.
Tamson, Norfolk Island.

I have struggled to pay off all my debts to the point I would max out a $25,000 credit card. I have done this 3 times. Simply Budgets showed where to find the money within my current wages to pay that debt off. Simply Budgets will turn your financial state around.
Robert, Karama, NT.

I would like you to know that I am $400 better off since I purchased your program just 6 weeks ago. I am still trying to figure out where the money came from and how much I wasted in the past?
John, Canberra.

If you’re still reading then I bet you are asking “How could it take just 5 mins a week?”

Well watching the video will help you to see, but here is the guts of the answer to your question.

So many of your life’s expenses are predictable. If you don’t believe me, go buy yourself a big set of coloured highlighters or texta’s (the ones children use in their colouring-in books).

Line last year’s bank statements up in chronological order down the hallway and start colour-coding the transactions. Green for Payday, Red for Electricity, Blue for Groceries, Pink for Petrol and so on….

When you are done you will see that the ones you did not colour-code are the ones you just decided to do for fun or that took you by surprise.

All the coloured ones not only happened in a pattern last year, the pattern will continue next year. If you think about it YOU CAN PREDICT YOUR NEXT YEAR’S BANK STATEMENT IN ADVANCE! If you can predict it you can also have some choice about what you want it to look like!

Once you have decided what you want it to look like and you know what your target bank balances are every day into the future you will have a road map to follow to financial bliss. No more stress! In under 5 mins a week you can compare where you are with where you are supposed to be.

Making decisions to pop in a little ‘non colour-coded luxury item’ will be so simple and free of stress you will start to see why the comments you read above are real! Whether you have debt to deal with or not, having a roadmap makes it hard to get lost!

So the really good news is that the new version of Simply Budgets is about to be released and it makes it even easier to achieve the weekly 5 minute money check-up I referred to at the start of this message.

Here is the link. Go to

to view the demonstration.

You can see a list of all the improvements and new features in Version 2 by going to There are over 40 in total.

That’s all for now. Have a goody.