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Save on Accountant Fees!

“Hi David I installed your new debt buster program and am writing to say thank you – it’s a fantastic little program. I love the way you can run different scenarios until you come up with the right mix. I can’t tell you how much relief I feel, looking at the figures and realising we can deal with this issue without a great deal of stress. You know, if I had sent this ‘problem’ to an accountant, I’d be up for around $500 or more in fees, just to get them to analyse a repayment scenario for us. Then if I had to send it back for revisions – more fees. $47 for your software is the best $47 I’ve spent all year. All power to you and *thank you* so much.
– Thank you!

“In total, we’ll be saving about $2,500 in interest”

Hi David, ‘DebtBuster Plus’ is a great tool. I had heard of paying off debts in a logical order before but hadn’t really considered the way that the ‘DebtBuster Plus’ program worked it out. I worked out that if I just keep paying the minimum of all my debts in any order I please, they won’t all get paid off until 2020. By using ‘DebtBuster Plus’ I was able to see that focusing an extra $40 a week on my debts in a certain order, I would have everything paid off by 2015. That’s 5 years early! The biggest debt of all, my partner’s car loan would be paid off 2 years early. In total, we’ll be saving about $2500 in interest. I’ve never used or seen a method quite like this and printed it out for my partner to see.
– Thanks again, Evelyn

“I can’t believe how good DebtBuster is…”

“David took the time to sort out my debts. Everyone else I asked for help just could not be bothered. I can’t believe how good DebtBuster is. Now I can clear my debts in the next few years, a great feeling…” – Gary Evans

Prioritise Your Payments

“Thanks to your calculator, I have paid off two credit cards…””Hi David I loved your ‘DebtBuster Plus’ calculator and found it helpful for making me get my head out of the sand and work out the actual amounts I owed on my credit cards. I have actually managed to pay back $10K over the past 12 months although I’m not really sure how. Your calculator inspired me to call the banks and ask for a reduced credit card rate and also to try to consolidate the amounts owing on my cards to a smaller number that is more manageable so that I can avoid getting late payment fees on them. I am still working on this process, but thanks to your calculator, I have paid off two credit cards and am working on reducing the interest owed and the amounts owed on the others.”
– All the best Janet Thomas

Keeps You On Track

“The DebtBuster Plus progam is a God send… “”David, The DebtBuster program is excellent. It gives a good perspective of what to pay off first and how to go about it. More than anything though (regardless of how much debt one seems to be in) the report actually motivates you to give it a go and see it through. The program is easy to follow and I had no trouble filling in the fields. The ‘DebtBuster Plus’ program is a god send (and there’s nothing else like it). I will be using it to the letter.”
– Regards Wayne Breen

The feeling of relief will be immense – actually knowing what is possible and having a plan to follow. Knowing that you will save thousands of dollars in interest is pretty exciting as well. If you have many debts and don’t know which way to turn or if you just want to make sure that you’re getting the very best bang for your repayment bucks then I am sure that ‘DebtBuster Plus’ will help you.

You can take charge, and take charge now!
Here’s to you and your exciting new future.
Warm Regards


David Wright
Simply Budgets

P.S. Remember, your investment is completely risk-free. If you are not at least $2,000 better off in 12 months then I will write you a cheque for $94 for your trouble (that’s double your investment).

P.P.S. This is the last time that you can order DebtButer Plus at this price. When the new version is released the price will definitely increase.

For the one low investment of just $47

You’ll receive my ‘DebtBuster Plus’ System and 4 special bonuses valued at $507 including the new version of DebtBuster Plus when it is released.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save $thousands in interest and live a debt free life.

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