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“Did You Know That The Average Australian Gives Nearly 1 Day of Their Weekly Wages to The Banks?

If You Think This Might Be You, Do Something About it Right Now…”

– David Wright, Simply Budgets. As seen on ACA, Today Tonight, Nine Extra and Money Magazine

Want to know how to stop working your “butt off” just to pay credit cards and loans?

debt_control_softwareDiscover the easy-to-use system that featured on the front cover of 60,000 copies of Money Magazine, that will show you how to create a plan to get out of debt…

No more struggling to make your monthly payments
Stop paying interest and fees to the banks
You’ll see your way through to a debt free future.

It’s much easier than you think and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your debts will be reduced.

How would you like it if I could show you system that will…

  •  Pay off your mortgage in many years less than it normally takes so that you and your family can start enjoying the luxuries of life
  • Clear your credit card and other debts so that you no longer see a big chunk of your pay literally disappear every fortnight
  • Reduce your interest payments so that you and your family get to enjoy that extra money that no longer goes into the banks’ coffers
  • Show you which debts to pay first so that you absolutely save as much as is possible in interest
  • Give you a personal payment plan so that you are no longer confused about the best way to reduce your debt
  • Give you control of your debts so that you never again pay over limit fees or late payment fees
  • Give you a Debt Control Plan so that every dollar you put into debt repayment is used to eliminate your debt faster with the lowest interest payments possible

Watch the video below to see what Nick from Sydney experienced from using this easy-to-use system for the first time…

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Is DebtBuster Plus for You?

  • Are you feeling the pinch these days with prices increasing every day and finding it harder and harder to pay all your debts every month on time?
  • Are you worried about making ends meet when your food and petrol bills just keep going up and there’s no relief in sight?
  • Are you getting more credit (cards, payday loans, personal loans) just to find that it actually makes your situation worse and that it will take you forever to get out of you debt trap – if ever?
  • Are you snowed under by debt and facing serious consequences – losing your house or bankruptcy – because you just don’t know how to manage your mountain of debt?

OK. If you’re faced by any of these situations then my system can help you.

If you’re anything like the hundreds of families I talk to about debt then you’ve tried all sorts of things to get rid of your debt, but, somehow, nothing seems to work.

Welcome to The ‘DebtBuster Plus’ Program.

If you want to clear your debts faster and save thousands in interest then ‘DebtBuster Plus’ was created for you. The feeling of relief by having your debts under control will give a renewed zest for life.

I know firsthand because many people who have used ‘DebtBuster Plus’ have told me so. It’s tremendous to get this feedback. I love hearing how families who haven’t had a holiday or a night out in years can now give their families these special treats.

My Program does all the work for you.

This program is extremely easy to use and very powerful. The last thing you need is more stress. You don’t need to be a mathematician to use the ‘DebtBuster Plus’ Program.

The ‘DebtBuster Plus’ System gives you a clear and simple plan to follow showing you how much to pay off each month to get your debts paid faster with no late or overlimit fees. You’ll save massive amounts of interest and you’ll no longer be stressed about high debt levels.

With all the worry about debts it’s hard to decide what to do. It’s complicated and it’s confusing. That’s where ‘DebtBuster Plus’ really comes into it’s own.

DebtBuster Plus’ gives you a clear logical plan of what you need to do, when you need to do it and what the result will be.

Just print it out and you know exactly what to do next time you get paid. You have your personal Debt Reduction Plan. What could be better?

No decisions, no stress. Just follow the plan and you’ll be heading for a debt free financial future.

Why Use ‘DebtBuster Plus’?

Using ‘DebtBuster Plus’ you’ll know:

  • The best way to spend your hard earned dollars to get your debt under control and then be debt free.
  • When each debt will be cleared and the total interest you will be paying. In just a few weeks you’ll begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Experiment with different repayment scenarios to generate the most efficient debt repayment possible for your very own situation.
  • Compare different repayment priorities to see what will save you the most in interest and what will suit your other financial priorities.

It will even challenge you to ask the question…

  • “Am I paying off too much on one debt with money that might be better used paying off another?”
  • As each debt is paid off you can pat yourself on the back knowing that, one by one, your debts will be cleared.
  • Work out how to get multiple debts paid off in the fastest possible time paying the absolute minimum amount of interest.
  • It produces a detailed report that shows you exactly how much to pay off each debt and when to pay it.
  • The date each debt will be paid off is highlighted in your plan.

You simply enter your repayments and the interest rates and my program does all the work for you.

It prompts you each step of the way. You don’t need to pour over complicated manuals or get lost in ‘help’ systems.

The ‘DebtBuster Plus’ System gives you a plan to ‘snowball’ your debt repayments until all your debts are paid off in the optimum order saving you thousands in interest payments. You’ll see when each debt will be paid off when you follow this plan. The debt fog will finally clear.

DebtBuster Plus sets your priorities for you…

  • Lots of Flexibility
  • Change your payments and make extra payments adjusting your plan as you go.
  • Say goodbye to unmanaged credit card debt and embrace a whole new world of financial freedom!


“In total, we’ll be saving about $2,500 in interest”

Hi David, ‘DebtBuster Plus’ is a great tool. I had heard of paying off debts in a logical order before but hadn’t really considered the way that the ‘DebtBuster Plus’ program worked it out. I worked out that if I just keep paying the minimum of all my debts in any order I please, they won’t all get paid off until 2014. By using ‘DebtBuster Plus’ I was able to see that focusing an extra $40 a week on my debts in a certain order, I would have everything paid off by 2009. That’s 5 years early! The biggest debt of all, my partner’s car loan would be paid off 2 years early. In total, we’ll be saving about $2500 in interest. I’ve never used or seen a method quite like this and printed it out for my partner to see.

Thanks again, Evelyn

View Testimonials of our many happy users
See how it works

For the one low investment of just $47

You’ll receive my ‘DebtBuster Plus’ System and 4 special bonuses valued at $507 including the new version of DebtBuster Plus when it is released.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save $thousands in interest and live a debt free life.

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