Disturbing UK Survey Results

Hello again,

I’m writing this while sitting in the departure lounge at London’s Heathrow International airport waiting to fly back to Australia after speaking at two seminars and helping start a Simply Budgets presence in the UK. One of the seminars was recorded and I will have a DVD available before too long for those who might be interested in a copy.

Part of an interview I gave was recorded and is now up on YouTube. If you are interested in listening in, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbpnzj9SqBg&feature=player_embedded

Anyway, what better time to bring you the results of a fairly recent British Survey than right now?

Recent British Survey

The research by AXA and Dr Henderson found that in the last year:

  • 87 per cent of people have suffered from financial stress
  • More than one in 10 suffer from symptoms of financial stress all the time, over a quarter frequently and one third sometimes
  • High level managers blame the cost of living, bills and debt repayments for their worsening stress over the last year. As a result they tend to over eat (25%), feel anxious (23 per cent) and feel permanently tired (17 per cent%).
  • On average respondents know six people close to them suffering from money stress
  • Women experience higher levels of stress than men: 14 per cent are always stressed, compared to eight per cent of men
  • 19 per cent of adults turn to food for consolation while 18 per cent take comfort in exercise
  • Significant symptoms suffered overall include anxiety (41%), weight gain (25%), depression (23%), loss of concentration (22%), insomnia (21%) and loss of sense of humour (16 per cent).
  • Financial stress diminishes the sex drive of 13 per cent of women compared with seven per cent of men.

Pretty sad report really don’t you think?

From what I have seen on the newscasts over here, the global financial crises has hit a lot harder than in Australia where we are very lucky to have big diggers and plenty of orders for our dirt.

Mind you we have gone from being a debt free nation four years ago to trying to patch up the damage now, but we are in better shape than a lot of other countries!

How would you have responded?

So what about you? How’s your financial journey going? How would you have responded to that survey? Do you want to make some changes to your finances?

A Passion to Help

My passion is to help people who are not happy with their current financial status and who are ready for change. I do this by providing education, coaching and software. Rather than making outrageous promises that I can make everyone wealthy beyond their wildest dreams I promise to help people get their bills paid on time with no stress. From there they learn how to save and from there we take simple little steps towards financial stability and security.

Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in this work. Some of the people receiving this e-mail have been on my mailing list for almost 10 years and have witnessed a steadily increasing list of products and services over that time.

Some were my very first customers who I visited in their homes maybe 15 years ago before I even knew about mailing lists, e-mails and web-sites!


For the sake of those people who have only recently joined me, I thought today I would give a quick summary of how I help people move away from the sort of negative results reported in the survey above and into a much happier financial place.

As you know, some of the services I provide are free, like my newsletters, some teleconferences and various software calculators I create from time to time.

Here is what I do and how I help people achieve better financial outcomes;

From the start I should say how much I really dislike impersonal, uncaring, profit driven financial service providers. Maybe even to the point where when I started out I had very unrealistic expectations about how I could run a business.

My business plan was “give great service and hope the income side of things would take care of itself”

I was like a puppy dog with my tail wagging. All I wanted to do was impress and help people. Earning an income from what I was doing was something I just expected would happen if I focussed on giving good service and helping people sort out their financial problems.

I have had to address this issue along the way. It is true that if you give, the universe wants to give back to you, but if you don’t ASK you don’t receive much.

The Simply Budgets software was the first product I created and is still the cornerstone of everything else I do. Over 27,000 copies are out there giving great service to those who use them. Version 2 is due to be launched next month.

I then developed a training course called CashFlow Club where people attended a 1hr session one night a week for 6 weeks. That later became a two part workshop two weeks apart that I called a CashFlow Clinic. This morphed into a one day event, still called a CashFlow Clinic, where people would come to learn the skills of CashFlow management and how to use the Simply Budgets system.

Both A Current Affair and Today Tonight covered what I was doing in these early days.

I am not sure how many people have attended CashFlow Clinics over the years but it must be approaching 1,000 by now. I have Clinics scheduled over the next few months in the major cities of Australia. For more details go to www.simplybudgets.com.au/cfcoaching

Along the way I developed a software application I called DebtBuster that solves the problems of people with many debts who want to find the most efficient way to pay them off. It generates a detailed repayment plan to follow.

I developed this because I got tired of responding to e-mails from people who had sent me a list of their debts asking how to get them paid off as quickly as possible. I would sit up late crunching the numbers so I could send back the plan. It was the same process every time, just different numbers, so I decided to make it so people could do this for themselves.

In 2008 I started writing a book about how to get out of debt. When it was finished I asked my newsletter readers to help me name it. Hundreds of suggestions came in and I eventually settled on the name “How to Dump Your Debt (without living on baked beans)”.

In 2010 I launched a new web-site at www.simplewealthsteps.com where I offered a 12 month educational program called (you guessed it) Simple Wealth Steps.

I am really proud of this program. For less than most people spend on telephone chatter each month I deliver a huge amount of valuable information and life changing exercises via a weekly e-mail containing a reading assignment and a task. People are required to report back each week so I know they are on track.

This course includes a copy of Simply Budgets and DebtBuster and like everything I do, I give a money back guarantee.

I also have a group of people on my Succeed With Money program. This is only available to people who are currently on (or who have completed) the Simple Wealth Steps program.

Each week we connect via teleconference where we have a number of purposes.

  • I interview successful people so we can learn from them and the group members get to ask any questions they like. Calls are recorded and are available to listen if members missed the call.
  • We use the book “The Road to Financial Freedom” as a text to learn from.
  • We help each other through offering support where individual members who are working on a particular project or issue can present their current issues to the whole group on the weekly teleconference.

Another service that has evolved out of a need to help people stay on track is an online budget monitoring system for those who want to be held accountable to their budget plan for a period of time.

Each week they are required to log in and report on their performance against the budget plan they committed to. They enter their bank balances and these are compared with the targets that were predicted at the start. If they fall behind they have to explain why this has happened. If the plan needs to change, we change it. If the problem is no self discipline we help with that as well! You can view a demo of how this works at www.simplewealthsteps.com/media/CoachingDemo.htm

I occasionally run topical seminars where I present information that I believe will be of great assistance to people at the time. Sometimes I bring guest speakers to these seminars as well.

My biggest challenge is that I work in a field where there are a lot of people saying “Come follow me and I will show you how to become wealthy” and many of them are not worth following. As a result trust is in short supply.

My policy is very much that I offer my services and then leave it up to people to decide whether they are ready for what is on offer or not.

I really dislike pushy sales tactics and prefer to simply offer a 100% money back guarantee on all my products and services so people can feel safe in making a decision to do business with me when they are ready.

So there you go. You know what I have been up to and what I offer.
New Software Launch

Version two of Simply Budgets is being released on April 1st.

You can preview the upgrade page at www.simplybudgets.com.au/upgrades

That’s all for now,
More riveting stuff next time.

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