Do You Slow Down For Speed Cameras?

I was driving along the freeway a few days ago when all the cars around me braked abruptly. I must have looked like I’d been fired from a cannon as I shot out in front of everyone!

What caused the sudden-slow down I’m wondering?

Then I realised there was a roadside speed camera and everyone around me was having a panic that maybe they were speeding.

Every time I drive past a speed camera this happens; cars around me suddenly slow down. Not because they are speeding, but because the drivers don’t know if they are speeding or not. As a precaution they have a little panic attack with the brake pedal!

I’m left wondering why so many people don’t know what speed they are doing!

I don’t know about you, but I make a habit of knowing how fast I am driving and it is my goal to always obey the speed limits, not because speed limits have some magic ability to make me safe, plenty of nasty accidents happen below the speed limit, but because in a past life I half filled a scrap book with speeding tickets and eventually decided that maybe I should save myself the grief and just obey the law! That decision was good for my bank balance and probably was evidence that I was beginning to grow up!

When you are driving, if you are not paying attention to your speed then you are just asking for trouble. And if you don’t know what the speed limit is you are really out on a limb! I got booked last year for the first time since 1985 for doing 72 in what I thought was an 80 zone, but it turned out to be a 60 zone! I knew how fast I was going but I was relying on faulty information to keep me on the right side of the law. How can you obey the speed limit if you don’t know what it is?

To make life easier I use my cruise control wherever possible so I can just set the speed and then focus on more important driving issues such as navigating, negotiating corners, staying in my lane and dealing with other vehicles but it is really important to know the speed limit!
I guess you must be wondering what the heck this has got to do with my usual topic of money management and budgeting!

So, ask yourself if you treat your finances like the drivers not paying attention to their speed who are forever hitting the brake pedal when something that looks like it could cause trouble appears on the horizon.

Are you actually IN the driver’s seat and alert to what is going on with your finances or are you just holding the wheel going along for the ride, hoping nothing will come along to catch you out and always a bit nervous about what might be lurking just around the corner?

If you are not really in charge and aware of what is going on around you, you will be proceeding with less confidence and more stress than is necessary and putting a lot more emotional energy into money matters than you need to be. You will be worrying about something happening that you won’t be able to deal with or bills arriving that you won’t be able to pay. Maybe you’ll be thinking you won’t get to have that holiday you want because unexpected bills could leave you broke (yet again) or maybe you’ll never even think of planning a holiday because it seems like it is just not possible (when maybe it is!).

And not knowing what your bank balance should be today, tomorrow, next week and beyond is like not even knowing the speed limit. How can you possibly get it right when you don’t know what right is? You’ll be hitting the brakes when you don’t need to and you’ll be left behind by those who know what they are doing and what the limit is. You may even get charged for overdoing things when you thought you were doing OK but got caught out when you found you were unable to meet your commitments when they were due!

If you spend no time at all on your finances you are like the driver who just goes flat out all the time and who is definitely going to come unstuck sooner or later.

If you’re like the motoring enthusiast who is forever under the bonnet trying to improve the performance of his car but as the power has increased so has the fuel consumption (and the number of speeding fines), you are gonna be frustrated to find that more income does not necessarily mean less money stress and more of what you want out of life!

If you spend heaps of time trying to manage your finances with no real improvement coming from the effort you put in, then you are going to the wrong driving school!

So what is the solution?

Using the methods I teach and the tools I have developed you can be like a driver using Cruise Control! Thousands of people who have been on my Simple Wealth Steps program or who have used my Simply Budgets software will vouch for that.

I hate it when I see people hitting the skids with their day to day finances and I just want to show them how to fix things up. You can never get to creating wealth if you can’t get the day to day financial foundations right first!

If you are looking for answers I have a number of options available to suit your needs and abilities regarding this.

1. Spanners

To keep with the motoring theme I’ll explain it like this; You could buy some spanners to fix your car and if you are good with tools and know what you are doing you could have your problem fixed in no time at all.

12 years ago I began offering Simply Budgets software to customers. I have released a few updates along the way but it is still based on the same basic principles. It is a tool you can use to fix your finances. If you are OK with computers and know what you are doing, it will allow you to fix up your financial journey. Over 28,000 people will vouch for that.

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2. Workshop Manual

However, some people are good with spanners but don’t know much about their particular vehicle. They purchase a workshop manual so they can then use their hand skills with the assistance of specific guidance to fix their car.

I have a new product called Simply Budgets Gold which gives you the Simply Budgets software AND detailed specific instructions just like having a workshop manual. It gives you step by step, self paced training with stacks of tutorial videos where I train you in the use of the Simply Budgets software as you go along, explaining exactly what you need to do and why.

For information about Simply Budgets ‘Gold’ Click Here


3. Mechanic at your side

Of course if workshop manuals don’t really do it for you, even if you are good with spanners then what you need is someone who knows all about your particular vehicle to tell you what to do each step of the way, who you can ask questions when you get stuck and who will regularly check up to see how you are going.

Recently I launched the Simply Budgets – Money Laundry (We help you clean up your finances) which is a service where you get the tools, the training AND someone to hold your hand who will check up on you at least once a week and keep you accountable to your plan once you have created it.

For information about Simply Budgets – ‘Money Laundry’. Click Here

4. College Training

Now if you love cars and decided you want to really get in and learn more about them you can go to TAFE College and do courses to become better at working with them. This could lead to you becoming much better equipped to deal with cars and fixing any problems that might arise with yours.

The Simply Budgets equivalent to that is my Simple Wealth Steps program which is a financial education course that includes training in the Simply Budgets software along with weekly tasks designed to help you learn specific principles about money. Each week you receive a thought provoking reading which relates to that week’s task and topic.

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That’s all for today!

David W.