Energy; Where do you get it from?


Today we look at Big-‘E’ number 10.

So far we have looked at Emotions, Environment, Ego, Education, Expectations, Earnings, Expenses, External Forces and Excuses. You can check out all of these previous topics at my blog page.

Today’s Big-‘E’ is Energy.

So this is where the rubber meets the road! You can have everything else in place but if you haven’t got the energy to make it all happen you will never make it.

Sounds obvious doesn’t it?

Ever felt too pooped to pop? I expect we all have at some time or another. You just could not be bothered to get up, or to make one more phone call, or one more Google search, or run the numbers on one more deal. You’ve just lost interest and you’ve had it! Could not be bothered!!!!

Of course, when you are totally pooped, if a wild animal jumped out in front of you I’ll bet you would find the energy in reserve somewhere to run like blazes for hundreds of metres!

Energy comes from your head more than it comes from your muscles. Your frame of mind has a lot to do with this and if you are depressed and disinterested then it is easy to be low in energy as well.

Clearly the two are interconnected. If you act pooped, you will think pooped. If you think pooped you will act pooped. But if you push through the physical barriers and work on your mental state you can find energy you never knew you had and start to get your physical state to lift and match your head.

If you can remember the first time you were in love I’ll bet you felt supercharged and no doubt when you broke up you felt totally discharged! There is a word that often gets used with lovers and that word is ‘Passion’.

When you have passion you find energy from everywhere. You may have heard me tell the story of how I blew my first attempt at launching Simply Budgets because I targeted the wrong people. I used up all my Long Service Leave and had to go back to work with my tail between my legs.

Rather than give up though, I still had a fire inside that just drove me like a nuclear reactor drives a power station and I could not stop! I was just way too excited because I firmly believed there were millions of people who I could help and I just wanted to help them!

There really was no decision to be made. I just changed the product so it was aimed at individuals instead of professionals and began re-writing the software user guide to match. That gave me an opportunity to make it even better because I had learnt so much in my first attempt and now I was starting again.

It would be so much better second time around! The only problem was WHEN was I going to do it?

The only time I could do it was after my family went to bed so at 10pm every night for 6 months and on week-ends I would sit down to my computer and start typing. Within minutes I would be fast asleep in my chair and somewhere around midnight I would wake up, slap myself around a bit and start typing again.

Before I knew it, it would be 4am and I would have to make myself stop and go to bed because at 6:30am I would have to get up to get ready to go to work.

People would ask me where I found the energy and I would simply reply “adrenalin”; I am just so excited about what I am trying to achieve!

If you are feeling like everything is going wrong and nothing is working out for you then it is time you found your energy source by finding your passion. You just simply MUST find your passion. And that comes from your heart.

Maybe you need to get angry about something that is so wrong and decide you are going to do something about it. Maybe you need to look at your children and decide you want the world to be a better place for them, or maybe you need to look yourself up and down in the mirror and ask yourself what are you here for and find a cause. What do you love or what do you hate?

It could be a negative passion or a positive one. Look at Bruce and Denise Morecombe. What they have gone through due to the abduction and murder of their son is terrible. But look at the energy that they have found from a passionate desire to find their son. Something good has come out of that energy and it will grow to be bigger than Ben Hur.

When you are energised like that nothing gets in your way! You go around it, over it, under it or even straight through it if need be! Sure you make mistakes but there is no question of giving up. You are energy itself!

If you just can’t find the passion you won’t find the energy, so stop forcing it. Look for something that will really get you going and instead of having to put energy into it, you will draw energy from it!

So; that’s all on that topic for now (I just couldn’t be bothered writing another word about it!).

Have a great week-end.

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David wright
Simply Budgets