Everyone Has an Addiction

If you’ve had anything to do with little children you will know they are always busy doing something and don’t want to be interrupted.

If you ask them to get in the bath they don’t want to stop what they are doing and it’s a struggle to get them in there. Once you get them in it’s a struggle to get them out because now they’re having too much fun. When it’s bedtime you struggle to get them into bed and in the morning it’s a struggle to get them out again.

Adults aren’t any different. We may not get addicted to whatever it is we’re doing like little kids tend to, but we all have hobbies and interests that we will go to whenever we get the opportunity and we don’t want to give up time for anything else unless we really have to. Some of us develop new interests, hobbies and passions during our life and others have the one passion that they are addicted to for their entire lives. Golfing, surfing, horse riding, sewing, knitting, cooking, reading, travelling, sport, shopping ….. We all get addicted to something!

If we didn’t have to go to work and we didn’t have other responsibilities we could happily spend our days just focusing on these addictions. If you compare what you spend your time on and what you would like to spend your time on you know there is a definite gap between these two.

Now I can’t think of too many people who would happily spend time checking their bank balance, going over their household budget, comparing insurance quotes and telephone plans, researching and adjusting their investment portfolio mix, paying bills, filing their receipts and basically making sure their finances are running at 110%.

We would all like our finances to be running at 110% but we would rather be spending our time on our addictions.

We want the benefits without having to pay the price.

So my hot tip for you is to dedicate some time each week that you might otherwise have spent on your passions and addictions and use that time to make sure your finances are in good order. If you are not prepared to dedicate any time at all to your finances I can’t help you. You will just get whatever it is you get.

One of the reasons I was able to master my household finances was because I made it such an important goal that it became a kind of addiction.

If you ARE prepared to spend some time on your finances you then have the question, “what will I do with this time?” to answer.

First of all, if you don’t already know, you need to find out where you are financially right now.

  • What do you own?
  • What do you owe?
  • How much does it cost to run your life?
  • How much is coming in each week to pay for that?

Go to www.simplybudgets.com.au/products/SnapShot.xls if you want a spreadsheet to help with that.

That is my first tip. Focus on your finances.

Remember; whatever you focus on grows and whatever you neglect dies.

It’s that simple. If you want your finances to get better you need to focus on them!

One way you can put some focus into your finances is to spend time learning from others who are more successful and one way to do that is to go to events where people are teaching what they have learned from their experiences.

MAG7 event.

I am one of the speakers at the MAG7 event in Melbourne next Friday (11/9/15) and I thoroughly recommend this event to you if you. There will be internationally acclaimed speakers at your disposal.

E.g. Allan Pease is a presenter.

Allan grew up in the backblocks of Melbourne; started out in sales at the age of 10 and faced a steep climb to success. Studying psychology, zoology, anthropology, every “ology” he could, Allan became Mr. Body Language.

He has tackled both thyroid and prostate cancer head-on. He has faced a financial disaster, with debts of $1.48million to the Tax Office. Allan sold almost everything and went on to write many bestselling books. Allan makes decisions to succeed. He made decisions to bounce back, decisions to overcome cancer, focusing on what can be achieved, rather than the things he couldn’t control.

He now sells 8 million books a year!

Eric Bailey is another presenter on the day.

Eric grew up in South Central LA, he was adopted at a young age. Challenged with a bone disease, he was told he would never play sport. At the ripe age of 14 and a towering 6’5, he was approached to play basketball. He believed he couldn’t, until a coach said to him “STOP IT”… stop living in the past, stop the excuses, stop saying what you are going to do and start saying, “I will and I must”.

Adapting these principles and mindset, resetting his self-belief, Eric went on to play basketball at the highest level. In 1996, he commenced his speaking career. He worried whether or not he was good enough to be effective and taken seriously in the business community because he had spent his life focused on sport. By letting go the past and focusing on what can be and not what has been, his business and life changed dramatically. Eric is now ranked #22 globally for his speaking expertise

Why not decide to learn from these people? They became addicted to breaking out of the life they did not want and into a life they chose to replace it with. You can learn a lot from them.


That’s all for now. Have a great day!

David Wright