Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we have received and the answers we would typically use as a reply. If you have a question that is not dealt with here please e-mail it to [email protected]

Question 1:- How long will delivery of my personal finance budgeting software take?

Answer:- All software products are delivered instantly via electronic delivery. If you order a physical or ‘hard’ product such as the Pocket pal Children’s Pocket Money Management System or a Software CD we try to dispatch all orders on the next business day after receiving them. We use Australia Post to send all ‘hard’ products.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia, so delivery times vary according to distance. Typically, delivery to Brisbane is one day, Sydney is two days, Melbourne is three days and Perth is around seven days. International Orders vary depending on distance.

Question 2:- Is Simply Budgets suitable for Currencies other than Dollars?

Answer:- The currency displayed in the personal finance budgeting software is determined by the settings on the individual computer’s Windows Control Panel.

As long as the currency uses a decimal base, the software will work fine.  Dollars, Pounds, Rands, Yen, Peso’s, Euro’s……. No problems with any known currencies at this stage.

Question 3:- How do I change the date format in Simply Budgets to show Australian format instead of USA format?

Answer:- There is a bug in Windows that ignores the Regional Setting in Windows Control Panel. Whilst it will most likely be set to English (Australia) it will be displaying English (USA) format instead. To overcome this problem simply change your Regional and Language Setting to English (USA). Save that change and then change it back to English (Australia) again. Windows then actually goes and takes notice of the setting and displays the dates in the correct format!

Question 4:- Will Simply Budgets run on an Apple Mac Computer?

Answer:- Whilst Simply Budgets is Windows based software at this stage we have many happy Mac customers who have installed 3rd party software such as Parallels, Crossover or VMware Fusion onto their Mac Computers so they can run Windows software such as Simply Budgets on their Mac’s

Question 5:- Is Simply Budgets easy to use?

Answer:- Most people find they can understand how this system works quite easily. Some people have messaged me within 24 hours of receiving their Simply Budgets software telling me that it has already made a big impact on their financial outlook. If you do encounter any difficulties, there are two help systems built into the software. Almost every screen in the software has a Video Camera Icon in the top R.H. corner that leads to an online support/training video relevant to the screen you are looking at. There is also a second Help Icon beside the Video Camera Icon that leads to printable document help files.

If neither of these support systems answer your question free help is as close as an e-mail away at [email protected] if needed.

Question 6:- What are the computer requirements for Simply Budgets?

Answer:- Simply Budgets is Windows based software that will run on any current PC. See Q4 (above if you are a Mac User)

Question 7:- Is Simply Budgets suitable to use with a Line of Credit Mortgage?

Answer:- Absolutely! In fact if you have a Line of Credit you will struggle to get the most from your financial structure without a program like this! Simply Budgets has a built in interest calculator to estimate your monthly interest payments. This will allow you to effectively plan your debt reduction strategies and then set yourself achievable daily targets that actually make it happen!

Question 8:- I have a Mortgage Offset Account. Will Simply Budgets be suitable for me?

Answer:- Yes it is ideally suited to your situation.Because it is important to keep as much money as possible in your Offset Account, Simply Budgets will help you to prepare a plan for the next year (and beyond) that will help you squeeze the maximum benefit from this type of account. There is also a loan calculator built into Simply Budgets under the Utilities menu that allows you to forecast the benefit of different Offset Account strategies.

Question 9:- Can I pay my bills by Credit Card using this system?

Answer:- You certainly can! In fact, Simply Budgets will allow you to create a plan for your Credit Card spending for the entire next year. You should never blow-out your Credit Card again!

Question 10:- Can I download my banking transaction records into Simply Budgets?

Answer:- Simply Budgets is NOT a system that looks at what happened in the past. It is much more powerful than that. Keeping financial records simply tells you at the end of the year that you could have done better. By looking into the future Simply Budgets allows you to create a plan to follow so you can actually do better! This has been proven to be much more effective than any record keeping system.