How to do a Budget that really works

Happy New Year Again

I hope you have had an enjoyable and rewarding festive season. I’ve had a really good break but it’s time to get back to work….

Mind you, having a break is a great way to get yourself busy again because during the break you have time to step back and think about what you have been doing in the past and before too long ideas of how you can do better in the future come flooding in. This invariably means you have jobs to do to implement those new ideas but what the heck; life could be boring couldn’t it!

So, I have an ambitious schedule in the pipeline for 2011. Stuff like….

  •          Releasing V2 of Simply Budgets (currently responding to some minor detail changes and additions requested on my recent USA trip)
  •          Further developing the Online Budget Mentoring and Coaching program
  •          Fine tuning the ‘Simple Wealth Steps’ program
  •          Launching the ‘Succeed with Money’ web-site
  •          Drag my Facebook presence into the 21st century.
  •          Launch 2011 Australian CashFlow Clinics which will feature Simply Budgets V2
  •          Write more Newsletters
  •          UK CashFlow Clinic
  •          USA business expansion
  •          A few other ideas I want to explore as well

e.g. a ‘Love and Money’ week-end where we fix your money issues and re-kindle the flame with your spouse over a romantic week-end.

It’s gonna be full-on and fun!


I regularly hear from people who tell me they enjoy receiving my free articles and newsletters so keeping them coming is high on my list of priorities for 2011. You might be surprised to know that I usually don’t know what I am going to write about next but as soon as I make a commitment to write, something stands out as a topic and after two or three days of playing with the topic I find I have written something I am happy with and out it goes!

However, over the break I have been jotting down topics that I believe will be of value to everyone so I was keen to get onto the first of those right away but out of the blue has come a pressing subject I simply must cover first.

In my last e-mail I said to keep an eye out for all the guru’s who tell you to do a budget if you want to fix your finances in 2011. I predicted that not one of them would actually tell you how to do a budget and I was right. I also offered a 40 day “this is how to do a budget that works” e-mail series thinking I would link people up with some material I wrote a few years ago on the subject.

Embarrasing Realisation

Well I couldn’t believe it; talk about floods; I got absolutely flooded with requests from people asking for the information. This made me feel a bit silly really! Here I was saying how nobody else would tell you how to budget thinking that I had been doing so and clearly I have neglected this topic for some time!

I guess I just assumed that everyone on my mailing list would be tired of me talking about my budgeting system and the topic of budgeting so I have been writing about other related stuff and ignoring good old “How to Budget”.

So many people have asked for the information I have not been able to keep up with the requests so I apologise if you have been waiting for a response from me. Here is my reply!

One thing I noticed is; many people asked if they could get the info faster than spread out over 40 days so I have created a web-site where I have pretty-well put the whole lot into one place so there will be no waiting.

How to do a budget that really works

If you are interested, please use the following link to take advantage of this information.

Go to

That is a special link that will let me know just how many people went to the web-page and I can get a bit of an idea of just how many people wanted the info – (could be even more embarrasing).

That's enough for now. I’ll be back again next time with the topic I was going to write about today and I look forward to working with you throughout the next year.

Warm Regards,

David Wright


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