Get Out Of Debt

So You’ve Had Enough!!!!
And You Know It’s Time To
Dump Your Debt
But You’ve Tried To Get Out Of Debt Before and Failed!

So it’s time to take a different approach.

Treating the symptoms will not cure the disease. It’s time to get right to the core of the problem!

It has been my passion for almost 20 years to help people change their financial lives for the better.

Up until now I have created many software solutions to help people get their finances on the right track and so now I am very proud to announce my first eBook; ‘How to Dump Your Debt (without living on baked beans)’.

When I decided to write this book I knew there were already books on the topic of getting out of debt. However I really felt I had gained some unique insights into the real reasons why people struggle to break the debt cycle from the work I had been doing.

Sure; you can save money by living on baked beans, sharing the bathwater, using white vinegar to remove stains from your clothes, growing your own veges and so on and yes that might help free up some cash to pay off some debts but what I noticed was that many people would seem to be career ‘debt junkies’. They would get debts paid off but then go straight back into more debt.

They would try and try again to get out of debt but to no avail.

It always came back!

There is a reason for this and I knew I had the answer. I had to write the book!

In my book I have done my very best at explaining why this is so and what can be done to break the cycle. What I know is that the debt is not the problem, it is only evidence that there is a problem.

I have gone behind the scenes and looked at what I call 5 BigE’s that determine your financial outcome in life. That is, five areas of life that just happen to start with the letter ‘E’ that hold the keys to setting you free.

  • Emotions
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Earnings
  • External Forces

By drilling down into these areas one at a time and exposing your strengths and weaknesses and then developing systems to block the weaknesses and harness the strengths you can make what was a seemingly impossible task into a simple solution.

Please note that I said simple and not easy. No change of direction is easy, but if it can be made simple it is a lot lot easier to achieve.

Having said that, many people with debt problems have lost the ability to see clearly enough to see what needs to be done to make change happen and so it all just looks too hard and so becomes a case of mission impossible!

The information in my book allows you to methodically break down the issues one at a time, step by step and gives the ‘what to do’s‘ as well as the ‘how to do’s‘. In many places where there are lists to be made or calculations to be crunched I have also given access to tools I have put on my web-site specifically for the purpose of making this as simple as possible.

I don’t think I can make it any easier. I don’t want anything to stand in your way. If you have decided this is the year to make the change from debt to prosperity then here is the tool to make that happen.

In this extremely easy to read and understand e-book, David Wright gets right under the surface to expose the real reasons for debt so you can dump it and stay debt free. This is as much a workbook as it is a book to read. It contains many powerful exercises that will make your journey so much easier.

It looks at 5 of David’s Big-E’s – Emotions, Environment, Education, Earnings and External Factors that will ultimately deliver you your financial destiny and shows you how to take control.


Understand the message, Follow the instructions, become Debt Free!
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dumpdebtbookDavid’s New e-book packed full of his most up to date strategies on how to ‘Dump Your Debt (without living on baked beans)‘