Is it possible for everyone to become rich?

Today I want to look at the age old question; is it possible for everyone to be rich?

Unfortunately there is a very simple answer to this question that you won’t want to hear. The answer to the question is very simply; NO, It’s not possible!


Because the word Rich could not exist if the word Poor did not exist! If everybody was rich, nobody would be rich; we would all be average.

If you’re familiar with George Orwell’s book ‘Animal Farm’ you might remember that even when every animal was supposed to be equal, some were more equal than others!

There will always be Rich and there will always be Poor and there will always be a big bunch of average people in the middle.

The best example I can give that relates to this can be seen by looking back to the 1960’s and 70’s. There was a lot of social upheaval. We had rebellious loud music that upset parents and the older generation because the younger generation was questioning traditional values.

One of the significant movements that really got momentum at that time was the Women’s Lib movement. Women were shunning the stereotype of the little wife chained to the sink and instead more and more started joining the workforce.

I remember my mother joining the workforce in 1973 when I was a teenager.

The thinking was that if the husband’s income was enough to cover the needs of the family then any income the wife brought into the home would be surplus and would allow the family to have luxury items, holidays, a nicer home, better car(s) and so on.

However I also remember that my parents purchased a house in 1973 for $9,000 and sold it a year later for $18,000.

The 1970’s was a time of rampant inflation!

There were a number of reasons for that but I believe one of them was that family incomes increased as a result of the emergence of the two income family. Unfortunately the luxury life did not really materialise because basic needs rapidly went up in price.


Because they could!

Families had more money so the basic needs simply could cost more and before long they did!

It’s a simple case of Supply vs Demand in action.

The tragedy of all this is that now both Mums and Dads need to work to pay for the basic needs of a family where once one income was sufficient.

Unfortunately I can’t see any easy way to unwind the clock and I look at the stress in the generation now coming through where there are small children and both parents needing to work to pay for the basics. Whenever something happens that disrupts the tight routines that make everything work, the pressure levels go up dramatically. It could be something as simple as a child with a temperature who should not be going to school.

We are much worse off as a society because of this pressure and I believe this is a major factor why more and more marriages break than ever before. People are under so much pressure all the time!

(Please don’t start sending the kids out to work to pay for luxury items because clearly we would all regret going down that path!)

So the question you really want answered now is “how can I rise above an average stressful life?”

You want to be rich if you don’t want to be average so you need to do something that the average majority won’t do.

Look around you and observe the average majority. What are they doing? Where do they live? Are they wage earners or business owners? What do they purchase? Do they save? Do they live off credit? Do they plan their finances? Do they have a Spending Plan or a Budget? Do they invest? What do they invest in? Why do they do what they do?

Once you have looked at all these questions, consider what you should be doing differently in order to do better!

I hang around with people who are more successful than me and I learn from them. Hanging around with broke or average people will give broke or average outcomes. You won’t learn anything of value from broke or average people, in fact their input will probably just help you develop the belief that the world is at fault and that is the reason you are not rich.

After discovering the secret to eliminating day to day money stress about 25 years ago I got so excited that I just wanted to share my discovery and I’ve been focussed on helping people who want to be better than average ever since. I really don’t know how many people now love their lives because they no longer have money stress as a result of using my software, reading my e-mails, doing my courses or attending my seminars or workshops but I expect it is in the tens of thousands and that gives me goosebumps!< /p>

I focus on posting great content designed to help you move out of ‘average’ and upwards towards ‘rich’. Treat the info in all my blogs as if you paid thousands of dollars for them.

I know that not everyone will take action on the information for the same reason that not everyone will become rich.

What path will you choose?


David Wright