Is There Life After Debt?

No I’m not going to tackle the heaven and hell question today. My topic is Life after DEBT!

In my last blog I talked about the fact that almost everybody has an addiction.

Most of us have prioritised the things that we do in our lives so that we put what we love doing ahead of what we really ought to be doing but don’t enjoy.

We seek pleasure but we open the door to pain!

The problem is that there are things we really should be doing that get so little or even none of our attention. As a result, our lives can end up going in a direction we never intended that we are not happy with. Even though we are continually pursuing the things we want to be doing, we seem to have less pleasure and more pain (there is the clue as to why I referred to them as addictions).

When it comes to taking care of our finances, in most cases people do not make this a burning priority until there is a reason to do so. No pain = no priority. Unfortunately this does not deliver satisfactory outcomes.

Most people wait until they are in significant pain financially before they are actually motivated to do something about it and at that point they feel like the problem is so big there is almost nothing they can do to resolve the problem and they lose hope!

Financial pain just about always equates to debt.

  • If we don’t have debt we feel good and we focus on our passions.
  • If we have a small amount of debt that we can manage easily we feel okay and we focus on our passions.
  • If we have a significant amount of debt but can manage the payments we feel stressed and under pressure but will still focus on our passions with what little spare time we might have left. We may start thinking about taking action but life gets in the way and our passions (addictions) still take priority.
  • If we find ourselves drowning in debt, the pain forces us to pay attention to our finances and finally we take action.

How much easier would it be to fix our finances if we focused on them long before we got to the point of having serious stress and pain?

Lately I’m finding myself working more and more with people who have significant debt problems and this has prompted me to make the decision to declare war on debt!

How am I going to do that?

I am introducing a new service called Debt Strategy Planning and no matter who you are or how much debt you have I want to help you analyse your personal situation and find ways to dump your debt faster than ever before with a focus on not just getting out of debt, but also setting yourself up for a wealthy life after debt.

Don’t wait until you are in significant pain before taking action on this. This is for YOU right now, even if you only have a modest mortgage and no other debts.

I have a team of experts ready to help me with this and for the time being this service will be fr~ee. You read correctly; $0.00. No charge. Ziltch!, Zippo! Nothing!

It won’t always be fre~e so take action now.

Because this is a new service, I want to have some people go through the process so I can get some runs on the board. Obviously I can’t continue this with no charge to the customer so take advantage of this opportunity while it is on offer and don’t treat it as if it has no value because you did not have to pay for it.

Fill in the spreadsheet I gave you the link to last time and attach it to an e-mail back to me and I and my team will get started on your plan right away. Your personal information will not be revealed to anyone other than myself and any other trusted specialists that I ask to work on it (in confidence).

If you missed the link to download the spreadsheet last time, here it is again.

You will be calculating your net worth and cash flow position:-

  • Total Debt
  • Total Assets
  • Income
  • Expenses

If you like, you can send me your spreadsheet after you fill in the debts, assets and income and then fill in the expenses later on.

You will receive back from me a detailed outline of your options going forward.

I know I’m going to be busy but war usually means fighting and no sleep so bring it on!

If you do not have my e-mail address send it to the address found at

That’s all for now,
David Wright