Lessons from my Lego Collection

My grand-kids found the family Lego collection that spans some 30 years and over time they have gradually reduced it to rubble. Here is just a small part of a big mess!

Can you imagine if your finances looked like this and then disaster struck? It’s already a disaster! How would you cope with more trouble?

My wife and I have begun the task of rebuilding; putting all the pieces back where they belong, so chaos will gradually turn back into harmony. Then if one of the grand-kids happens to get a bit too ‘spirited’, so long as we keep a regular eye on things it should be easy to put pieces back where they belong before it gets too out of hand (like it is now).

We spent hours looking for tiny little pieces in amongst the rubble last night just to get one little shop back together! I can only say it’s lucky we kept all the instructions for all the kits we’ve purchased over the years or we would have had absolutely no idea what to look for, let alone where to put things.

What’s the lesson we can take from all this?

If you don’t pay attention to your finances, at some point in time you will find them in turmoil (like my Lego). If I had just put the few blocks that had been ‘modified’ back where they belonged after each play session it would not have come to this!

Be prepared to go through a rebuilding phase when you get to the point where you have had enough and you want things to improve. Almost everyone has to go through a catch-up phase when they decide it is time to get back on track, so just focus on the goal and remember the best things in life are free; you don’t need lots of money to have fun!

STOP trying to fix things when you don’t have the instructions! Create a spending plan to follow that puts all the pieces of your finances where they belong and then follow that plan.

When you have controlled what is controllable, start building a buffer for the times when uncontrollable events occur in life.

If you want someone to help you put that spending plan in place so you can start taking control of the ‘out of control’ pieces of your finances, have a look at the Spending Planners page on my web-site. You don’t want to continue living with money stress and it’s quite likely you don’t need to. There is a solution to almost every problem, so take action and start taking control today!

When you get all those pieces back where they belong you will have a lot more fun, just like my grand-kids (and I) will have with the perfect little Lego town we’re rebuilding. I can’t wait to see all those cute little people in their cute little houses and shops again!

(I never want to grow up!)