Massive Problem or Tiny Blip?

I was in Hobart with my wife a few years ago on a holiday. We stayed in an apartment near Constitution Docks where the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race ends. Once we had checked in we went for a walk around the wharves and were absolutely amazed at the sheer size of a huge ocean liner called the ‘Sapphire Princess’ that was docked there.


It was actually on the other side of a warehouse when we first caught a glimpse of it. We looked at each other in absolute amazement at how huge it was. It dwarfed the warehouse as it protruded up into the sky from behind what is quite a large building. We worked our way around to a place where we could see the entire ship. It was so impressive we began dreaming out loud about how much we would enjoy taking a cruise at some time in the future (which is a goal we have now fulfilled).

I looked up some information about the Sapphire Princess on the internet. It can carry 2,600 passengers and has over 1000 crew and staff.

It was TINY!

A few hours later we drove to the summit of Mt Wellington which is over 1,250 metres above sea level. From there the view was spectacular. We could see for miles (kilometres as well).

The city lay before us although there were quite a few clouds blocking the view of the docks at first, but as they moved away we saw the ‘Sapphire Princess’ reversing out into the harbour.

We then watched as it slowly made its way out of the harbour. It looked so small from up there! Only a few hours earlier it had appeared SO huge and now it was dwarfed by the fact that we were looking from a distance. Our perspective had changed.

Change Your Perspective

I couldn’t help but think how the ship was like problems in life.

If ever you are having a rough trot of things and are going through a really tough time keep this in mind. If you can take a long term view of it, the problems are not so monumental.

Simply Budgets began in the 1990’s because interest rates had risen to 18% and I was in the middle of building a new house. I was worried sick. All I could see at the time was the immediate problem of how huge the repayments were going to be and the future did not look good based on what I saw up close.

Looking back now, the high interest rates didn’t last that long and now we’ve got the lowest interest rates ever. The upshot was that in the process of trying to find a solution to my financial worries at the time I stumbled onto the method of planning finances I now call Simply Budgets and that has helped thousands of people from all over the world.

Sometimes we can feel like we are really under the pump and there is no solution and the problems look too big to get past, but if you can stand back and take a view from a longer perspective, they will appear much less significant. It might be pretty unpleasant at the time but it is just a season that you can get through.

Like that enormous ocean liner viewed from a distance, your challenges might be a big problem, but they should appear as a blip on the radar screen when put into perspective.

You might even develop skills that carry you in good stead into the future so the next time this happens you will be more ‘crisis proof’. I did!

If you want to create a better future with only tiny blips rather than HUGE money hassles I recommend attending one of my Succeed With Money workshops. Brisbane is next week-end and Melbourne and Sydney are in May.

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New Phone Number

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David Wright
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