My ‘Unhappy Birthday’ Surprise

It’s March already which means I’m having yet another birthday very soon (I’m clinging onto the 50’s but only just!).

What do I want for my birthday this year? Not much really, but what came my way could have left me with a rather unhappy birthday.

Every one of us experiences what happened to me so I thought I would share it with you.

Not thinking about my upcoming birthday I recently received a letter from our state transport authority. I opened it hesitantly trying to think where I might have been speeding and had my photo taken.

How much is this going to cost me I’m thinking!!!!

I proceeded to open the envelope and to my relief there was no speeding ticket, but the damage might have been just as bad had I not known 5 years ago that this letter was coming.

What was in the letter you must be thinking? Was this a letter in a bottle thrown into the sea 5 years ago and now washed up on the beach?

No, nothing as mysterious or exciting as that!

My license was due for renewal… $150 thank you very much!!!!

I began beaming from ear to ear because my budget plan had this well under control even though I was totally oblivious to the fact that this was year 5 and the bill was on the way.

We all encounter 6 types of expenses in our lives and this was a number 5 – ‘Replacement of things we rely on’.

In the Long Term Savings section of my budget I had entered 5 years ago that I was going to need to replace my license in 5 years’ time and I had entered an amount I wanted to have available when the time came.

Instead of crying over the loss of my birthday money to a bill that coincides with my birthday every 5 years, I was so grateful I had a system that took care of all this for me.

My modest birthday celebrations are looking good in spite of the transport department’s best efforts to take that away from me!!!

How about you? Are you on top of your ‘Type 5’ expenses? Do you have money allocated for replacement of the stuff you rely on every day? If not, it’s never too late (unless it’s your birthday and you didn’t plan ahead).

If you’re a Simply Budgets user make sure you use the ‘Long Term’ savings feature to schedule in money for replacing all the stuff in your life you could not do without. Your Fridge, washing machine, television set, the tyres and battery for your car.. your car itself… and don’t forget your driver’s license!

And just a little heads-up on what’s around the corner… Simply Budgets cloud version will be available soon and will have many new features as well as those you have come to love and rely on, including the ability to plan your Long Term Savings.

Of course access from anywhere on any device with a browser and an internet connection will make it even better than ever, especially if you’re an Apple user and have been unable to use Simply Budgets up until now.