New DVD ‘Big Budgeting Mistakes – Even Bigger Solutions’

Earlier in the year I flew to the UK to give a number of presentations to various audiences over there.

One of my presentations was recorded professionally and has made its way onto DVD and will be available for delivery next week.

If you have been following my Big-‘E’ series of e-mails then you will have some idea of the theme of this particular presentation.

The title was ‘Big Budgeting Mistakes & Even Bigger Solutions’

I encourage you to order a copy of this DVD and then take the time to view it and take it in because I know it will help you change your views on money and wealth and how to improve your own personal performance when it comes to both.

Change doesn’t ‘just happen’

I think a lot of people have the hope that one day something is going to happen that will open the door to the financial outcome they have been waiting for. However it is unlikely that it is going to just happen without some change on your part.

Unless you are able to see past the day to day events and pressures of life to see the bigger picture, what you experience now is what you will experience tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and beyond and the only changes that will occur will be ones that are not going to impress you.

Stepping back and looking at what is actually going on and what is causing the problems and then making appropriate changes to the way you think and behave over a long period of time will deliver a much better outcome.

Of course it is not always easy to see beyond today and today’s pressures.

It is far too easy to get lost in rising prices, high unemployment, global financial chaos, bad news on the radio and TV, all the media hype about how the sky is falling and a multitude of other things that limit our vision to a very short horizon.

In this presentation I reveal the basics that are easy to understand and follow if you are aware of them. I know everyone has good intentions to change but when life gets in the way, good intentions do not necessarily convert into desirable outcomes.

Have you ever wondered why this is?

I reckon it’s because we say things like “I’m gonna exercise more”, “I’m gonna save more”, I’m gonna eat better” & “I’m gonna spend more time with my kids” but rarely do these outcomes actually occur because we focus on trying to do these things rather than looking at what is currently blocking them.

You can’t bring something in without something going out!

The breakthrough becomes possible when you understand the underlying issues that are blocking the outcome you really want.

You can’t fix something when you are looking for the solution in the wrong place!

If this makes sense then you will have a good idea of why I believe the presentation on this DVD is one you should be viewing.

Could it be so simple?

I could easily tell everyone to earn more, spend less and save more but I know it is just not that simple!

On this DVD I simplified things and I believe I have explained what is going on in a way that you will be able to really understand the issues that make it hard to manage money.

As I said at the top, this DVD is just going into production and will be available for shipment early next week. Pre-order a copy now and I will also send you a link to download a copy of a very handy but powerful spreadsheet I created that helps you plan and forecast your retirement nest egg.

I call it my Wealth Planner and it allows you to compare where you are up to now with where you might have been had you started saving regularly when you were young.

Before you throw your arms up in the air in distress thinking that might not be a pretty picture, the good news is that it also allows you to experiment with different saving and investing options to see how quickly you can bring ‘where you are now’ into line with ‘where you might have been if you had started saving years ago’. I even recorded a video on how to use it and that will be included as well.

To take advantage of this opportunity, go to

I don’t usually send e-mails where I say you should order my product but I am pretty passionate about this one. I really believe this information will help you and all you have to do to take it in is turn on your TV system, sit back, relax, and in seconds you will be there with my audience in the UK getting the benefit of this information.

And don’t forget I always offer a 100% money back guarantee on all my products.

Go to to order your copy now and I’ll take the risk out of the purchase. If you don’t think it was any good, just send it back for a refund. You know nobody offers returns on DVD’s and CD’s because of piracy and illegal copies but I am happy to take that risk and I’m confident you will be very happy with my presentation AND the bonus which is yours to keep and use, even if you do request a refund.

I know it is easy to be sceptical, there are so many people out there offering money solutions but give it a go. I’m still here after almost 16 years helping people with money issues and if you think about it, nobody get’s invited half way around the world to give a number of presentations unless they have some runs on the board and know what they are talking about.

That’s all for now.

Have a great day.

David Wright