Personal Budgeting – Recipe for a Boring Life or true Secret of Wealth?

When you feel like things are going really well for you and money pressure is not gnawing at you, there is a real danger that you can float along thinking everything is fine only to find one day that the advantage you had has disappeared and you are in a spot of bother.

When you have an abundance, don’t be in a hurry to unload it. Take your time, be frugal! You can only spend it once, but in a million possible ways up until the moment it is spent! The moment you spend it, you just lost 999,999 possibilities!

It’s amazing how the things we just ” have to have” at some time are later of very little value to us, so don’t rush in. Have some surplus put aside for the lean times. I never met anyone who regretted saving money, but I have met plenty who regretted that they did not! Want to understand and manage your cashflow so you don’t blow the budget in good times?

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