Personal Service is Alive and Well

So, I’m busting to know; how did you go last time?

Did you use the Snap Shot calculator I made available for you to use? If so, did that help you clarify exactly where you are up to right now?

If you missed it, it’s at .

I recommend you go back and use this every 3 months and save it each time with the date in the filename so you can look back over time to measure and monitor your progress.

OK, so that was a very basic look at Step 1 in my Eleven Simple Wealth Steps.

Step Two

Step 2 takes us into the area of personal budget planning (which is my favourite area of expertise).

The Simply Budgets software is the world’s number 1 application for producing a budget plan that works extra well. If you haven’t used it yet I can’t stress enough the benefits of doing so.

A lot of people would have thought the SnapShot from last week was a budget but I can assure you it is not!

What the snapshot does is establish where you are up to right now and it allows you to compare your ins and outs so you can see what you can afford to include in your budget and what you can’t, but it is NEVER going to guide you as in ‘showing the way’. It can only tell you there is a way (or there isn’t).

Simply Budgets allows you to prepare a road map for your money; a totally different thing indeed… It’s like having a crystal ball attached to your bank account so you can see into the future!

Personal Assistance

I’ve been getting requests from people to go over their budget with them to make sure they are using the software correctly.

I’ve done some planning and this week I am happy to announce I have come up with a way to deliver that.

If you would like to have me go over your budget with you personally (one-on-one) and help you get it working as intended, I have added this as a service to the products listed on my web-site.

Distance is not a problem either. We can use modern technology to talk and share information no matter where you are. If you are intersted in that option go to to find out more.

I will look at your budget with you and assist you to make any changes required to fine-tune it and I will do this at a time that suits you in a place that works for both of us (home).

This could be the difference between spending Your long weekends at home doing nothing this time next year as opposed to enjoying a fabulous break at an exciting location of your choice.

I’m not sure how long I will be offering this; it depends on how busy I get.