Shopping Centres don’t sell great memories – so why does our spending spiral out of control?

We are continually being bombarded with junk-mail and constant advertising.

We are subject to mega-shopping complexes designed to lure us into parting with our hard-earned dollars using the credit cards cant afford to pay back. By ‘hanging around’ shopping centres where we unwittingly tormented ourselves by looking at all of the things being offered for sale we really can’t afford and consequently making ourselves miserable wishing we had more income so we could buy more of the things we keep seeing.
Our way of life is speeding up.

Every body is so busy rushing around trying to earn a living that many of us miss out on the simple ‘free’ things.

Before you decide to hit the shopping centre for family treats you may find it more cost effective to take time out to spend with your family doing the things that really create great family memories such as simply taking your children to the park, the beach, the library, for a picnic in the country and a swim in a stream etc. etc. Stress levels come down and your financial burdens reduced!

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