Simple Wealth Step #10 – Invest

Last time we talked about choosing a niche and studying it to become skilled with a view to becoming an expert in your chosen field. Today is really an extension of that.

So what is step 10? In one word it’s…. Invest

OK; so I expect you are probably thinking I am going to suggest you put money into shares, bonds, real-estate, business or similar but in fact that is not what I am going to talk about today at all!

Any or all of the above could be considered to be ‘investing’ and may be what you ultimately choose to do but you may not have significant sums of surplus money just conveniently lying around to invest right now. If I were suggesting that you start by investing lots of money you could be forgiven for simply switching off about now.

My Thesaurus shows the following words as substitutes for the word INVEST:-


Put In



It also shows the word ‘Empower’ as being closely related to ‘Invest’.

So when I list Step 10 as ‘Invest’, that may mean taking money and putting it into a project that you see potential in, into a managed fund, the share market, property, or whatever you consider is a worthwhile place to ‘invest’ your money but that is not really what step 10 is about.

What I am really talking about here is to invest in yourself. I suggested in step 9 you should choose a niche. Step 10 is to invest yourself into that niche. Devote yourself to it. ‘Spend’, ‘put in’, ‘devote’ your time to becoming the expert. Get to know the benefits, the pitfalls, the areas to avoid, the best and the worst that can happen in that particular field and the easiest way to achieve success.

Don’t leave a stone unturned.

Empower yourself.

If you are not prepared to do that, you are not really serious about wealth. I believe Wealth describes a quality more than an amount of money. Wealth is when you know you have done your best and as a result you received abundantly more than you put in in return.

Wealth can be many different things to different people. You need to give some time to completing the sentence; “I will be wealthy when…” before you can really even start the journey. This will even impact on the niche you choose.

So how do you invest in you?

I recommend you read books by the people who are most successful in your niche, attend related seminars, listen to topical podcasts, play CD’s in your car on the way to work from the people you aspire to be like, stay away from negative people, avoid gossip, don’t waste your time watching trivial Reality Television, volunteer to work for someone who you look up to, join or form a focus group. In essence; go on a mission!

Chris Freeman from Balanced Wealth Creation is one of my mentors. He made one simple mistake in the late 1980’s that caused him to lose a substantial property and business portfolio and left him almost 2 million dollars in debt. As a result he went on a mission to read books, attend seminars and interview anyone who looked even remotely like they were successful so he could find out what they had done differently to create and keep their wealth because he knew he needed more information. He invested in himself!

Chris discovered a core of habits that were common to all of these successful people so he began applying these to his life and business and success flowed. Chris began sharing what he had learnt with his friends, business associates and clients. This began to take up a lot of his time and the day came when he decided he had to withdraw from the informal coaching he was doing so he could refocus on business. When he announced this he was flooded with offers of payment for the coaching and a niche was born that has grown into a full time business that Chris loves, sharing his expertise as he helps people improve their lives.

This is a perfect example of what I am talking about.

My own story is not unlike Chris’s. I had a problem that needed solving and when I found the solution it became my niche. I wanted to share what I had learnt from my efforts to solve my own cash flow problems and out of that grew a business helping others. I figured everyone had cash flow problems at some time or other and I knew I could help. By investing myself into this niche I have become someone people know they can turn to for trustworthy, reliable and life changing tools and information.

If you currently do not have financial wealth and that is what you desire then broaden your outlook beyond how to earn more money and start investing in yourself. While you do that look for ways to solve the problems of others and it is highly likely wealth will flow towards you; and it will be more than just financial wealth! The satisfaction you get from helping others alone will most likely be worth all the effort.

So, go to seminars, read books, listen to podcasts and CD’s, take in positive and thought provoking information, follow all the tips I gave above and really Invest in yourself.

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That’s all for today!