Simple Wealth Step #7 – Increase Your Income

Today we are up to Simple Wealth Step #7 which is to Increase Your Income.

This is the one that everyone thinks is the Magic Pill that will solve all money problems.

They think like this; ‘If you have money problems you must go and earn more money!’

That sounds like it should work… there is some logic in there; but unfortunately millions of people have tried it and found it did not work for them.

Don’t get me wrong; I encourage you to go and earn as much as you possibly can, but please don’t fall into the same trap that millions of people have fallen into; the one I have dedicated almost 20 years of my life to helping people avoid. Don’t work on increasing your income without also including the previous 6 Simple Wealth Steps in the plan.

Your cost of living will rise with your income and you will remain in the financial doldrums no matter how much you earn, unless you take care of the other Wealth Steps as well.

If you don’t believe me; just this morning I had a phone conversation with a financial planner who rattled off the circumstances of half a dozen people who need desperate financial help even though they all earn well in excess of $100,000 a year.

Every one of them has problems with debt and is stressed about money. So it is not something I am just saying, it is a real misconception. High income must go hand in hand with the other things I have been talking about recently!

The way I see it, before you can be satisfied with ‘more’ you need to know how to be satisfied with ‘less’. If you are not able to live within your means and be happy without lots of money, having lots of money will not change the outcome!

Or another way of looking at it; you need to treat money like air. There’s plenty of it out there so you don’t have to go around stressing over it. Just use it sensibly as required and work on increasing your lung capacity!

O.K. That’s enough said about the danger of falling into the trap of earning more and prospering less. Assuming you can get that right Step 7 is all about looking for ways to increase your income so you can generate wealth.

If you currently have a job and want to earn more you need to consider how that is going to happen. The first dilemma is to decide “what will you do?” followed closely by “when will you do it?”

Unless you are prepared to use time outside of normal work hours to generate the income that will set you free you will find it very difficult to improve your situation.

Since I was a young lad growing up on a farm I have earned money in more than 34 different ways. I started out doing jobs around the farm for pocket money, went on to delivering newspapers and packing groceries in my later school years and then into full time employment. Since I left school there has never really been a time in my life where I had only one income source.

Why would I tell you that? Because I want to make the point that you could find ways to increase your income if you asked yourself what else is possible (you only need 1, not 34).

If you love your job, look for problems at work that need solving and volunteer to be responsible for solving them (you don’t necessarily have to do all the work, just put in extra time and be in charge of finding the solutions). Make yourself stand out. Always be on the lookout for new opportunities and not necessarily at your current place of employment.

If you don’t like your job, find a problem to solve outside work that you could get excited about and do something about it! Turn that into additional income. You don’t have to look far to realise there are problems everywhere that need solving.

Now while we are talking about earning money outside your normal work; did you realise you are one of the most blessed people to ever walk the face of planet earth? There has never been a better time to start your own enterprise than there is right now because of the internet. Right now anyone can start a business from home that’s based on just about any topic you can think of.

In my Simple Wealth Steps course I give stacks of basic information on how to get started with an internet business, explaining what to do, what tools you need and the process to go through because I understand you need to continue your current work while you start developing your additional income streams. The web is the easiest place to do that. You can work from your home after hours one step at a time!

Amazing Bonus

So here is the amazing bonus I mentioned at the beginning of this e-mail. If you want to increase your income and you are interested in the internet this is a bonus like no other!

Andrew and Daryl Grant are friends of mine. They increased their incomes massively using the internet to sell information products that solve people’s problems. In fact they did so well they retired 20 years early as multi-millionaires.

However they found they had a problem. After a few months of lying on the beach doing nothing they got bored. Because they were constantly being asked by people how they made their money they decided to do something different. They put together a four day workshop and called it ‘Our Internet Secrets’ so they could show others all the details of how they became so successful online.

Here’s the exciting part. There is an ‘Our Internet Secrets’ week-end coming up soon and Andrew and Daryl have given me some tickets to give away to any of my readers who genuinely are interested in learning how to earn extra income via the internet. If you fit into that category don’t delay! A four day ‘information overload’ opportunity for no cost does not come along every day!

Go to to put your name on one of these tickets and do whatever needs to be done to free up the 14th to the 17th of June 2013. It is going to be a massive event. Hundreds of people attend every time and the atmosphere is always amazing.

I have been to this workshop 3 times so far and have learnt stacks of new and powerful information each time. I took something like 30 pages of notes last time I went. If it wasn’t for a family wedding I would be there again this time!

Andrew and Daryl love the freedom the internet has given them and the difference it has made in their lives. This is an awesome opportunity to learn from two of the best in the world and you will come away with real ‘down to earth’ information you can start using straight away.

That link again is

So there you go. Don’t say I never give away any great bonuses! This one is a ripper!

Well that’s probably a good place to finish up for today. Don’t forget, Simple Wealth Step #7; Increase Your Income. I’m sure you have scratched your head over this one all your life. Now you have some options.

Warm Regards David Wright