Simple Wealth Steps Tip #3 – Decide What You Want (Set Goals).

Decide what you want i.e Set Goals.

Let’s get really clear on this one! Can you imagine what would happen if you placed an order with a mail-order company for a product with the description ‘Something Nice’.

What would you expect to receive in the mail?

A packet of marshmallows? A photo of a cute kitten? A pair of shoes? A BMW? A ticket to a concert?

‘Something nice’ is so open for interpretation you could get almost anything!

However if you think about it, most of the adult population place an order for ‘Something Nice’ just about every day of their lives and then wait to see what they get.

Children seem to be much more in tune with getting what they want because they have not learnt the boundaries that grown-ups have accepted. They see something they want and then they go for it. They pester, they throw tantrums and they harp on until they either get what they want or they get told in no uncertain terms to drop it or else!

A really important step in getting what you want is accepting that ‘something nice’ really does not cut-it and instead you need to actually decide very specifically what it is you want.

We can dream up all sorts of ‘nice’ things we would like to be, do or have, to the point where there is no way we can achieve them all at once. Unless you can cut through all the clutter and say ‘yes’ to just one or two of those dreams right now and put the rest on hold, you will end up spinning your wheels and chasing your tail because you could not decide what it is you will focus on achieving first.

When you think about it, it is pretty clear that setting goals is not only important, it is essential! How can you get what you want in life if what you want is a moving target or a non-descript thing?

Once you have decided what you want you also have a much better chance of working out how to get it!

I can think of many people who have achieved amazing things in their lives and not one of them achieved it by accident!

So the third simple wealth step is to set goals; decide what you want and then taking a lesson from the children I mentioned earliler – go for it and don’t stop pestering and ‘harping on’ until you get it!

In my Simple Wealth Steps course we spend more than a month looking at this topic it is so important.

If you have not done this course it is a commitment to yourself for 12 months that will pay big dividends. I received this comment from someone on the program just the other day… “Hi David, This course has really opened my eyes , and really made me stop to think……”.

If you have previously done the course this mini series will be a great refresher to remind you to keep focussed and keep moving forward. You are always on a journey but you never actually arrive!

I actually did this course myself last year, two years after I wrote it and it really surprised me how much benefit I got out of doing my own course! It’s no good having information unless you keep pushing the boundaries and keep putting it into practice!

Have a look at to find out more.

That’s all for today.

Have a goody!