Swift and Significant Change

Swift and Significant Change

Have you ever thought about what could make a swift and significant change for the better in your life?

If you have debts such as a mortgage (or two) and a few personal loans, a lotto win on Saturday night would probably bring a swift and significant improvement to your situation. With your debts gone you would have the opportunity to enjoy life with much less financial pressure.

If you have a serious medical condition, a breakthrough in medical science that was able to immediately cure your ailment would make a swift and significant change to your life.

If you are single and looking for love, meeting an attractive new person who ticks all the right boxes might create a swift and significant change in your life.

If you have 4 children under the age of 6, having a best friend, a sibling or a parent move in just a few minutes down the road could make a swift and significant difference to your life. Having someone nearby who could just give you a break now and then could make a massive difference to your day now and then.

I’m sure you are getting the idea.

If you think back over your life so far you will recall times of swift significant change. First day at school, last day at school, first day on the job, first date, moving out of home, getting married, babies arriving, promotions, new jobs, first house of your own, last child leaving home….

Wherever you are up to in life I’m sure you can think of swift significant changes you would like to have happen (early retirement maybe???).

Of course, on most days, nothing quite as dramatic as the examples I have given above actually occur so we tend to lose sight of the fact that these events are possible and do happen.

My wife and I wanted to sell a house. The week we listed it for sale we had a buyer at our asking price. Wow! We got excited about swift and significant change! However the sale fell through and two years went by with almost not even a looker. Boy that was hard to take!

Then late last year the house finally sold and suddenly we had the swift and significant change in our situation we had been looking for. Finally we could move forward with what we want to do next.

There are far more days in life where we think about change, where we dream about change and where we strategize to bring about change than there are days where we actually see the change happen.

It is very easy to get discouraged and to lose sight of the fact that change CAN and WILL happen if you pursue it!

Some people go shopping to give themselves a swift significant change. A new dress, a new car, a new pair of shoes, a new power tool. It feels good for a while, however getting your jollies this way really is very short lived and leads to more pressure to bring on a swift and significant change for the better (like hoping to win lotto to pay off the credit card!).

Smart people understand that there is work to be done to achieve moments of swift significant change and that when this change occurs it only appears to be swift to the people on the outside looking in.

It usually takes years to become an overnight success!

Nothing worthwhile comes without effort, deliberate action and planning.

If you are looking to make a change in your life and don’t want to make super hard work of it, now is the time to do something about it. It is 2013 already and it’s time to get cracking!

I seriously recommend you attend one (or more) of the following events where I will be very happy to assist you in making progress towards swift and significant change for the better in your life.

Cracking the Success Code Workshops

The first of these workshops was late last year in Brisbane. We had a very enthusiastic group of people in attendance and it was a great day of learning.

This is a day where you get more for less!

I will be speaking on personal money management, my friend Jenny Brown (who has some amazing achievements to her name) will be talking on the topic of getting your attitude and you mindset right and Nhan Nguyen (passionate property investor) will be speaking on the topic of creating wealth through real estate.

Details for Melbourne, Sydney and the next Brisbane workshops are now available so click here to find out more.

CashFlow Clinics.

This is the name I give to my Simply Budgets training days. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people have attended these workshops over the years. I have held them in all major centres of mainland Australia as well as one in Christchurch in New Zealand and one in L.A. in the United States.

If you don’t leave one of my clinics and experience swift significant change in your finances I insist you request a refund! If you have never used Simply Budgets before, it can be that dramatic going from not having a cashflow plan to having the ability to create and manipulate one at will.

Bookings for Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are now open. Click Here to find out more or book your seat. I am offering some great bonuses so check it out!

It is easy to fall into the trap of just accepting what life throws at you, but if you want to experience more swift and significant life changing events, attend more of my events! I have lost track of whether it is 17 or 18 years that I have been doing Simply budgets, but the fact that I am still here and still loving it tells you I must be doing something right!

Lets’ make 2013 a great year of positive change.

Cracking the Success Code Workshops – Click here

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That’s all for now.

David Wright