Target $5000 for Flood Relief


Target $5000 for Flood Appeal!


I have a really great flood fund raising concept to run past you today that will not only benefit the flood victims but gives a win-win situation.

Flood Clean-up

I spent the day in Brisbane on Sunday helping with the flood cleanup.

What a huge task!

We were taken to a location near Qld Uni where the streets were lined with sloppy piles of rubbish that were once people’s lives. The idea was that we would be loading the piles into trucks but there were not enough trucks to service all the streets so in the end we never loaded one truck!

However there was no shortage of jobs to be done.

The group of people I was with found a basement car park below some units that was about 30cm to 40cm deep in sloppy mud, so we tackled the task of shovelling it out onto the street where hopefully it would sludge its way down to a stormwater drain.

Getting Dirty

We started out with shovels. Then we discovered brooms did a better job and then we worked out that if we commandeered some damaged desk-tops, doors, or shelves off the piles in the street we could move more slop more efficiently.

Have a look at the video on You Tube at which was taken by one of the volunteers working with us when we were nearly finished the job (about 4 hours after we started). I’m the one wearing the orange vest.

Eventually a fellow came along with a Bob-Cat. He grabbed a soggy mattress with his bucket and used it as a huge kitchen sponge to clear the mud we had pushed into the street into the drain. He made ‘people power’ look like hard work, but in the absence of machinery, people did a great job.

All up and down the street there were people hard at work, pressure cleaning walls, carrying out sloppy items, hosing off driveways, shovelling mud, delivering drinking water, clearing drains, the list goes on. I think we all looked a sight when we walked out of there, caked in mud (and smelling like slop)!

Of course not everyone lives close enough to be able to roll up their sleeves and get in and help but obviously thousands of people have pitched in financially, making donations to the relief appeal.

Fund Raising Concept.

So, I have been thinking about how Simply Budgets as a business can contribute to the appeal and here is what I have come up with.

Last year I launched a 12 month educational program called Simple Wealth Steps.

I am extremely proud of how well this has turned out. It has become a major part of my business and how I help people change their lives.

People are reporting back to me with excitement from of getting out of debt and saving money, from changing their beliefs about money and opening up their minds to new opportunities and not just taking control of their day to day finances but learning about how wealthy people think and what they do differently on a regular basis.

I wrote the course to help people break through the limits that were previously holding them back and it is doing just that!

My Goal

The course is $49 a month for 12 months. I have decided to donate the first month’s proceeds from ALL new people who sign-up to this course between now and Valentine’s Day 2011 to the flood relief fund.

I am hoping to donate $5,000 (more would be great). All it will take is for another 102 people to sign up in the next month.

If you have been considering signing up for the Simple Wealth Steps program, or you are sick and tired of NOT achieving your financial goals in life, then now is the time to do something about it!

You will be helping the flood appeal and you will be kick starting a most amazing new chapter in your life.


Even though I want to donate as much as possible, I don’t want people signing up so they can help with the flood appeal only to find they regret it and spend the next 11 months ignoring the lessons and not getting value for money.

So, I am offering a money back guarantee for the subsequent two months. I.e. your first month’s subscription will go to the flood appeal. During the next two months, if you come to the conclusion that the program does not suit you or it does not stack up to be as good as I said it was, simply let me know, return any unused materials I sent you and I will withdraw you from the program. I will stop the remaining payments and lessons and refund any payments you made after the first one, less the cost of any unreturned materials.

Taking Action

So here is an incredible opportunity to make 2011 a pivotal year AND at the same time you will be contributing to helping the flood victims.

To take me up on the offer, please either Click Here to get started straight away, or if you want more info about the program please go to and when you are ready, use the ‘Enrol Now’ link on that web-page; either way, all new subscribers will be included in the flood appeal deal.

What if you do?

Just think about it for a moment. This is a really great offer. You get to make a great donation that also buys you a month of information and activities that on their own are amazing value.

Then for the next eleven months you get loads more power packed information, training tasks, coaching and software to follow it up. However, just say you decide within those next two months that the course is not what I have portrayed it to be (let’s face it, by then you will know if I am sending you life changing material or rubbish), just let me know and you get your second payment refunded (and third if applicable), no questions asked.

Assuming you make it to the end of the program, can you imagine your life in 12 months time? Once you know stuff you can’t ignore it. People sign multi million dollar deals simply because they know what to look for and how to make the deal work. Other people live with financial stress all the time because of what they do not know.

The experience you will get from doing the Simple Wealth Steps program will have you knowing stuff that you won’t be able to ignore. You will be on an exciting journey that all began because you decided to make a contribution to the flood disaster appeal through Simply Budgets.

What if you don’t?

If you are unsure about all of this, the acid test is as follows; if you are happy with where you are heading and you doubt I can help you improve, please keep living your current life.

If you would like to join with me but feel you can’t afford it, that’s a tough one because you’re between a rock and a hard place. All I can say is that people already doing ‘Simple Wealth Steps’ have reported to me that they have found money while they were doing the program. You will never know if you don’t have a go and I’m offering the guarantee to make it easier to decide.

Either way, if you can’t be involved right now, you can always reconsider doing the Simple Wealth Steps program later on, I’m just trying to help raise much needed funds right now in a way that is a win-win situation for everyone.

If you like that concept and want to help me reach my goal of donating $5,000 by February 14th Click Here and let’s get started straight away.

Back again soon

David Wright