The Best Things in Life Are…

If you can’t be happy without money you won’t be happy with money.

This is one of those seemingly contradictory comments, yet it is actually ‘spot on’.

How many times have you said or thought that if only you had more money you would be happy!

Money tends to amplify what is already there.

If you are grumpy and troubled all the time and blame it on being broke, winning lotto or inheriting a fortune will not change you from being that grumpy person into being a happy person.

Maybe for a while you’ll feel happy but longer term it is quite possible you will become even grumpier! You will come to want and expect more.

Look at a child who is given everything they ask for. Are they happy? Are they liked? The term ‘Spoilt Brat’ does not conjure up an image of someone you want to be!

More money amplifies what is already there. Little becomes big in more ways than one!

I maintain that it is dangerous for anyone to have more of what they feel they NEED but it is safe for them to have an abundance of anything they don’t feel they NEED.

If you are desperately focussed on money, having more money will just leave you focussed on more, more money. If you are happy with what you’ve got then having lots more will not mess up your head. You’ll be happy with more!

I think a lot of people think that if they had more money they would be happier but ask the question, what would make you satisfied? How much is enough?

If you think about it, you realise there is not a lot that you really need. The first line of the Beatles song ‘Money (That’s what I want)’ is spot on….

It begins “The best things in life are free”.

It’s a pity the rest of the song goes downhill from there with the chorus simply repeating the line.

“I want money, yeah, that’s what I want”.

If you were to make a list of the things you can be thankful for that cost you nothing you should be amazed.

Family, Friends, Air, Water (amazing stuff), Sight, Sound, Children, Taste, Smell and a whole lot more.

And the things that you can do for free that are amazing. Walking in the park, swimming at the beach or local water hole, skipping stones on a pond, climbing a mountain and taking in a spectacular view, running, chasing a little child saying “I’m gonna get you!” and listen to their laughter (Yep some of my grandchildren are sleeping over tonight).

You can do even more of all those fun things if you have more money but you need to value them all as precious first. You won’t suddenly love walking on the beach, or climbing a mountain if you have money.

Why not decide to do something this week-end that costs nothing but is lots of fun. If you can’t think of anything then you seriously need to stop and have a really good look in the mirror and focus on how much you have to be thankful for.

Don’t go out and put more stuff on the Credit Card thinking that will give you a lift or make you happier. It’s a fallacy!

If you ARE stressed and it is putting a wet blanket on your ability to DO the free things you enjoy then do something about it.

Give me a call, go see a financial planner, come to one of my Succeed With Money workshops, use my Simply Budgets software to plan your money road map, talk to someone about sorting out your mess. Don’t keep putting up with it!

The best things in life ARE free so clear the crud so you CAN enjoy them!

If you are able to get to Sydney on the 21st of June 2015 or Brisbane on the 18th of July 2015 or Melbourne on the 25th of July 2015 there is a great opportunity to attend one of my ‘Succeed With Money’ days.

Your happiness is way too important to leave stranded in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Go to to find out more and/or to book your place.

I’d love to help you enjoy more of the simple things in life with no money stress.

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Want to help me make a difference?

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Want to make a difference yourself?

I am still looking to train more people to be Spending Planners in certain areas. I specifically want people for all capital cities as well as the larger regional centres.

No matter what your occupation right now, if you feel you have the energy and enthusiasm and the people skills to start working part time on your own business and build up from there I want to speak with you!

I have a vision of making Spending Planners a recognised and widely accepted profession over the years ahead and am looking for other people who can share that vision and want to be part of the journey.

Let me know if you are interested. Email me at [email protected] and I will send you the ‘blurb’ on what is on offer.

Have a great week-end!