The Six Reasons We Spend Money – part 4


Today I’ll continue the mini series I’m currently writing about; the six different types of expenses we encounter in our lives.

If you missed the first three you will find these at my blog at the following links

1. Weekly Expenses
2. Non-Weekly Repeating Predictable Expenses
3. Product Purchases

Today we look at number four.

4. Repairing Items That Support Your Life.

No matter how lucky you are, sooner or later you will have to pay for repairs to something you rely on. White Goods, Motor Vehicles, your Body etc.

 I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken to who believed the seemingly untimely need to repair something they rely on every day was an unfortunate unpredictable event.

 However, everything breaks down sooner or later so only a fool will neglect putting funds aside in anticipation of this.

 The important thing to remember is that there is often more than one way to solve a problem and the easiest solution is usually the most expensive one. Thinking outside the square may require more effort but often costs less money.

 Whichever solution you come up with, throwing money at a problem you have not planned for may appear to have solved it but in fact it has just transferred it to a different place!

 E.g. When your car breaks down you experience inconvenience and want that to go away. If you fix the problem by putting the repairs on your Credit Card the inconvenience definitely goes away and life gets back to normal but back in your comfort zone the problem might be out of mind, but it has not gone away; it’s now in need of repaying, possibly with added interest.

 If you solve a number of problems this way in a year and do that for four of five years in a row you can end up in a lot of financial pain.

 The clever person factors into the decision to purchase something the need to put money aside to cover repairs down the track. What usually happens is the opposite though.

 I’ll give you an example:- You decide it’s time to update the car. You consider a price bracket you can afford but when you start looking something happens and you find compelling reasons why you should go up to the newer model or the higher spec version with fancy wheels, metalic paint, etc etc etc. Instead of leaving a safety margin you end up in a precarious situation that could go horribly wrong if something breaks down ‘unexpectedly’.

 Of course I’m sure you have never done anything like that, but you probably know someone who has!

 Where to keep this money?

 You will never guess how much you should put aside for repairs for each item you rely on so it makes sense to have a single ‘bucket’ of money for general repairs. This money could be kept in your Bills Account as long as you have a Simply Budgets plan that identifies it from other Bills money. Otherwise it makes a lot of sense to keep it separate so you know how much you have available at any point in time.

 If you can keep it in a mortgage offset account that would make a lot of sense. Or, if you have a redraw facility on your mortgage you may be able to add this savings to your mortgage payments and draw it back when needed.

 How to manage this money?

 You should deposit money each payday and the amount you dedicate to this will be partly determined by what you can afford and other factors such as the age of your possessions. Once you build up a decent reserve you may be able to back off and funnel funds to other more exciting projects as well.

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