The Weekly Food Bill

Last week I spoke about putting things into perspective and I used a huge Ocean Liner to demonstrate my point. If you missed that you can get access to that and most of the e-mails I send out by going to my blog.

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Today I want to give you a bit more to think about relating to this. I can best do this by starting off with a story;

Overseas Holiday

The ‘Smith’ family have flown in from overseas and have had a great 3 week holiday. They spent all but the last $75 of their money and now they have arrived at the ‘check-in’ counter at the airport ready to fly home.

The person at the counter looks at them strangely and asks if they are aware that they are a week early. Their flights are for exactly one week’s time! Are they aware of this?

Can you imagine the feeling that would come over you if this happened to you? I reckon I would just go stone cold! Apart from looking really silly there would be the realisation that there is only $75 left.

Could you do this?

So I will stop right there and ask this question; “Could you feed this family for 7 days with only $75? There is Mum, Dad and two kids to feed for 21 meals.

When I ask this question at seminars I invariably get people telling me they could do it.

If you are struggling to accept this would be possible just add $10 or $15 and ask the question again. The point I am making here is that most people budget a significantly higher amount than this for groceries each week yet when I put it this way they acknowledge that it would be possible to feed the family in my story for a significantly smaller amount than they allocate.

I think this helps to put things into perspective.

Weekly Meals

So let’s talk about feeding the family. Without stereotyping or being deliberately sexist, how many Mums have stress each day about deciding what to feed the crew for dinner?

With all the other stuff going on in a busy home this is just one more thing to have to think about and plan for. Here is a suggestion that will both reduce the stress and save money on shopping day.

Most families have favourite meals that seem to take turns on an unofficial rotation. If these meals were listed on a menu and one day a week the family chose their meals for the next week it would kill two birds with one stone!

There would be no more stress over deciding what tonight’s meal will be and there will be less wasted money at the supermarket buying groceries because the shopping list (you do have a list don’t you!) will only include ingredients for the meals chosen for that week.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any comments on this as an idea.

Would it work for you?

Would it not work for you?

Why or why not?

Really it is just about being organised and thinking ahead. Just like my Simply Budgets Spending Planner software system, it makes the benefits of looking ahead become a practical solution to an everyday problem.

Spending Planners

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