There are Horses in my House!

Yes you read correctly… there are horses in my house!

It is school holidays and my two granddaughters came around for a sleep-over.

Before I knew it there was an invasion taking place.

I said I had horses, but the truth is the whole barn yard invaded. Chooks, Pigs, Sheep, Cows and probably a few others I have forgotten.

“Poppy can we make a world?” was the request.

So out came the toys (Oh did I forget to mention they were toy horses?).

It all started out nice and tidy as you can see in the image below, but as anyone who has had anything to do with little children knows they can go from one thing to another in a matter of seconds. What was exciting one minute loses it’s shine and before you know it, something else has taken their fancy and the desire to build the perfect little ‘world’ in the corner or in the bedroom is passed up for the next bright shiny object.

After 24hours the place looked like a bomb went off!

All the toy boxes, book cases and cupboards were empty and every available nook and cranny was used as a space to create the next big idea and in the process the last one got dropped as if it never really mattered at all!

Sound familiar? We never really grow up do we?

So many of us have to admit that we still change focus way too often for our own good now we are adults!

If we stayed focused on one thing until we achieved what we imagined and got excited about in the first place we may be a lot more successful right now!

Can you list all of the great ideas you have had over the years and then tick off the ones you brought to fruition? Would you have many ticks?

Have you ever decided to become a property investor or a share trader or maybe to start your own business but lost your way? I certainly have!

Fortunately, Simply Budgets is the one thing I have stuck with through thick and thin. It has almost become an addiction. As a result it keeps me excited about the future, learning more ways to help more people. If I had not made the decision back in the mid 1990’s to do whatever it took to make it a success I would be still be in the classroom, trying to teach people who do not want to learn!

I much prefer teaching people who want to learn how to change their lives and who are hungry for answers.

Today I am going to challenge you to come on a journey with me to get a clear direction that keeps you focused and moving in the one direction.

Each week I will give you lessons to learn and tasks to carry out that will get you traveling in a single direction towards your goals. In fact I will help you clarify your goals so you actually know what they are (big reason why people keep changing direction is because they do not know what they want).

I will help you to:-

  • reduce your expenses
  • increase your income
  • develop a plan for your cash-flow
  • reduce your debt level
  • and increase your savings.

We will look at your beliefs about money and yourself. I will challenge you to place more value on you because that is one key factor that determines your income. You will only receive in accordance to the value you place on yourself. What you settle for is what you get and to a large extent is determined by how much you value you!

I want you to join me on my Simple Wealth Steps program.

Those people who are already on this program know what I am talking about.

Here is a comment I received earlier this week from one of my members who had fallen behind and gotten somewhat off track, but then he wrote to tell me he had made the effort to get back on track.

… is really quite exciting to get your life in order, and have a graduated, step-like plan, where I am in control. And, have a few less concerns. In the past, I have always been in financial talks with banks, businesses, etc, where I was not in the ” driver’s seat “. I can see things changing now.

This program covers so much of the stuff you need to know (and do) to change your financial direction for the better that if you simply follow the course, you can’t help but change.

In a structured learning environment it teaches you the foundations of ‘no stress’ money management and the basics everyone should know in order to succeed financially. You could refer to it as ‘Wealth Creation 101’ and every wealthy person relies on the principles contained in this course.

AND to borrow a very well worn phrase…. But wait there’s more!

I am really happy to announce that now there will be more options available to you once you have completed the initial part of the program.

For those members who decide they want to be surrounded by a team of industry experts to be their ‘go to’ people when their initial financial challenges have been resolved (or maybe even to help resolve them), the relationship I have developed with Chris Freeman from ‘Balanced Wealth Creation’ brings a whole new dimension to being part of my Simple Wealth Steps program.

I am constantly looking for ways to offer more and after much discussion with Chris I am really happy to announce that between Simply Budgets and Balanced Wealth Creation we are now offering a complete life journey experience for those people who want that. My expertise is in helping people to establish a solid financial foundation. Chris brings the knowledge, experience and resources to help people build on those foundations to create a truly balanced wealthy future.

His expertise is in real estate so he is the ‘go to’ person for members when real estate questions arise.

An entire support team will be wrapped around those who want it.

Regardless of whether you choose that option when you get to that point in the program or not; it is my goal to have you aware of and practicing the basics that are the foundations for becoming debt free and living a non-stressed, financially positive life.

If you want a better financial future with less money stress and a more rewarding lifestyle you should be on this program.

Limited Offer Expires in 4 days.

Recently I offered a special deal for people who would like to enroll in Simple Wealth Steps program.

That offer is open for 4 more days. Come Wednesday it will be gone!

Simple Wealth Steps delivers very high value for a very low subscription. In fact it is less than a lot of people spend on their mobile phone plan each month! However, there is no contract like many phone plans so you are not locked in. You stay only as long as you feel you are getting great value. AND there is no exit fee.

What’s the offer?

If you decide to give the program a go, I am offering to discount the first month down to $10 which won’t even cover the cost of the kit you will receive in the mail after you join up.

You will receive a copy of ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’, a Journal for your weekly notes and a Cash Catcher which you will use in the first few weeks as part of the first task.

The course includes a copy of the Simply Budgets software which is delivered in Week 6, so if you continue into month two you will receive that before you have even paid for half of the usual retail price.

A new financial year is upon us so why not take advantage of this opportunity to really make it a good one.

Visit Simple Wealth Steps to find out more, but CLICK HERE to take advantage of the special offer.


As I said, there is no contract to lock you in so there is no risk, just possibilities!

One last thing…..


Have a goody.

David Wright

Founder – Simply Budgets