There is only one 100% reliable secret to becoming wealthy… Do you know what it is?

Spend Less Than You Earn!

Today I want to talk about some strategies that should help you stick to your dreams and goals. Sometimes it does get tough trying to ‘hang on’ and it’s easy to see why people are tempted to go for short-term strategies.

When it comes to managing the future of your money, that means doing a number of things.

1. For example, I know that if I carry money in my wallet I will spend it. So, I don’t usually carry money in my wallet.

2. If you have a credit card, only use it for business or essential purchases.

3. If you know you are going to be earning less in the future Open a savings account, and set up a direct debit for the difference out of your income now, this will contribute to your financial buffer.

4. Have a Practice Run Before Buying Something. What I mean by that is, before going on a Hire Purchase Plan, start putting the money aside it will cost you FIRST, and then see how much you really want something before committing. This idea of having a practice-run at making a larger purchase could save you a lot of stress and heartache. You might even find you change your mind during the time you are practising!

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