They Won’t Tell You HOW

Over the next two weeks you will see most of the high profile ‘Money Experts’ come out and give their New Years resolution advice for people who want to improve their financial position in 2011.
At the top of their list of steps to take will be the advice to “Do a Budget!”
Here is my prediction!
Not one of these Gurus will actually tell you HOW to do that!
Every year up until now that has been the case so I doubt it will change this time around. It always frustrates me to the point of pulling my hair out (you could be excused for thinking I have actually been doing that).
What useless advice; “Do a Budget”.
That’s like telling someone who is pushing a broken-down car from Cairns to Melbourne (a long way!) that if they want to make the trip easier to Fix the Car!
Do you think anyone would be so silly as to push a broken down car if they knew how to fix it!
Everyone knows they need to do a budget. Isn’t it time these ‘experts’ told you how. It would stop a lot of hard work pushing on your part!
Don’t hold your breath waiting. If you want to know How to do a Budget that makes managing your day to day cash flow simple and exciting send your name and e-mail address to [email protected] with the subject line “I want to know how to do a budget that works” and I will send you a series of 10 e-mails over the next 40 days that clearly explain what you need to do and how simple it can be when you know how!
I will be running a series of Clinics on this topic in major cities over the next four months so keep an eye out for information about dates and venues for those.
The secret to wealth starts with a budget. If no-one will tell you how to do that, then nothing else they say to you will help you much at all!
My commitment to you for 2011 (and every other year) is to do my best to make sure you get the opportunity to learn the basics that lead to wealth – no fluffy stuff – and all explained in a way that you can make sense out of!
Here’s to a great 2011! Start the excitement for the New Year with better money knowledge and make it last all year long!

Warm Regards,
David Wright