To secure our children’s Financial Future we have to teach them how to manage money early.

When Mr. Money meets Mr. Experience, Mr. Money gets the Experience and Mr. Experience gets the money.

As school leavers, the lack of experience our children have places them at a great risk of making mistakes they will remember and suffer from for a long time. I heard recently that many school leavers are already in debt by more than $15,000 for consumer goods before they reach the age of 20.
I thought it would be a good idea to look at what we should teach our children about money and the value they eventually place on it. One of the key issues I focus on when I have my say about money is how little is taught in school about managing money for life. Our Kids Pocket Pal is great for teaching kids about the value of money and working for the things they want. Rather than just giving your children pocket money, Pocket Pal requires that they negotiate jobs and the rate they will be paid for those jobs.

Click here to learn about our Pocket Pal Programs for Kids.

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