What Everyone Wants – It’s No Surprise!

Hello again.

Something I have noticed over the last few years while I have been offering the Simple Wealth Steps program is that when people fill in the questionnaire I send out at the beginning of the course, almost without exception everyone tells me they want to get out of debt, stop living pay to pay and get set up for an active, early and enjoyable retirement.

Let’s face it; who wouldn’t want that?

It’s just a pity most people need assistance to achieve it!

Now we could probably blame all sort of things for this; our education; our parents, our genetics, our circumstances, etc etc etc but it’s not much use blaming someone or something for a problem. Even if you were right in pointing the finger, proving who or what is at fault won’t change a thing!

If you want to improve your life you just need to do something about it yourself.

So, among other things, I send a copy of ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ to people who enroll in the Simple Wealth Steps course. It’s a small, easy book to read.

It was written in the 1920’s when the world was consumed with the excitement of the roaring 20’s. Economies everywhere were going gangbusters and few people saw the need to be thinking beyond their next pay day!

In writing this timeless book George Clayson created a great resource that could have saved many who lost everything in the great depression of the 1930’s had they read and implemented what it says.

Since then there have been booms and busts and there have been people who have applied the simple principles contained in ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’ and other books like it. There have also been plenty who have not!

Those who have applied these principles have prospered while those who have not have achieved much less than they might have.

The thing is that this book, and others like it, contain all the wisdom needed to become wealthy in less than a lifetime, but for some reason, for many, the information remains untapped or ignored.

As an ex school teacher I have a serious passion for educating people who want to learn, so I developed the Simple Wealth Steps program to practically and methodically bring these timeless principles to anyone who wants to embrace them and be successful with money.

I’ve had hundreds of people complete the course and tell me it was a real life changer, yet sadly I’ve also had some people drop out telling me they did not have time to continue. 🙁

An e-mail I sent out earlier this year said the following:-

When we don’t have money we focus on it way too much!
But the trouble is….
When we do have money we don’t focus on it enough!

Clearly what we focus on grows and what we ignore dies, so by giving people a weekly task I help them to focus on their finances on a regular and consistent basis.

By having a routine of regularly focusing on your financial education and growth you are making ‘less debt, easier day to day finances and a wealthy retirement’ much more achievable.

If you have not enrolled in (or completed) my Simple Wealth Steps program I really encourage you to do so.

At the moment I am including regular telephone support as part of the program. This allows me to encourage you and answer your questions or deal with any difficulties you might have at the time.

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Simple Wealth Steps

If you have enrolled and completed the course previously I encourage you to methodically go back over the lessons again and also re-read your copy of ‘The Richest man in Babylon’.

I guarantee you will benefit from this exercise.

If you want me to help with that process please let me know by reply e-mail.

In my course there are 11 Simple Wealth Steps.

  1. Identify where you are at right now
  2. Develop a Cash Flow Plan (includes a copy of Simply Budgets if you don’t have one)
  3. Decide what your Goals are
  4. Identify and deal with negative beliefs about money
  5. Pay off debts (includes a copy of DebtBuster software)
  6. Reduce your expenses (without being a scrooge)
  7. Increase your income
  8. Pay Yourself first (Save for investing)
  9. Choose a niche you can focus on
    (Business, Real Estate, Shares)
  10. Invest
  11. Be passionate and excel at your niche

That’s one topic a month plus some revision.

My goal is to help everyone improve their life through a better understanding of money and how to manage it and make it grow. That is what Simply Budgets is all about.

If I can achieve that and everyone passes that momentum forwards then the world will be a better place.

Click Here for more information about Simple Wealth Steps.

The course is a low cost journey over the next 12 months (less than many people spend on coffee) that offers powerful education to help you not only with information, but also with motivation and enthusiasm. Each week you have a short article to read that is relevant to the topic of the month and you will have a task which is designed to get you thinking and taking some kind of action.

I’ll sign off for today with one of my favourite quotes:-

Wealth does not arrive by accident but if it does it departs by accident as well!

That’s all for now.


David Wright
Simply Budgets