What has my small dog got to do with your BIG 2013?

Happy New Year! I’m back at my desk after a relaxing break and then a week of catching up with myself!

So it’s 2013 and we have a whole year ahead of us. That’s exciting! As always it is my goal to write informative, interesting and educational material that will help you improve your finances and your life in general.

I am going to tell you more about what is planned for this year in a future e-mail but for today I just want to start the year off by telling you about our dog and my daughter’s dog (I’ll bet you are excited already!). There is an important lesson to be learned.

We ‘dog-sat’ for 10 days over the Christmas break while my daughter, her hubby and their 4 month old daughter went on a camping trip.

My daughter has a German Pointer named Rex who is quite large, strong and boisterous. He could knock you over quite easily if he wanted to. He can be pretty full-on and hard to handle at times. Rex is an ‘outside’ dog; much too big to come indoors.

We have an Australian Silky Terrier who lives indoors, is very small and apart from getting under your feet, could not possibly have much physical impact on you at all. She’s getting older and has had a few teeth removed so even biting someone is not much of a threat either.


So here’s the message for today.

Every morning we would give Rex a bone to keep him occupied for a few hours. Our little silky terrier would venture outside and growl with all the authority she could muster up, take the bone off Rex and then chew away on it for some time while Rex would stand a few metres away looking on with great frustration because he had lost his bone to an intimidating dog one quarter his size.

If Rex even looked like trying to reclaim his bone our dog would growl ferociously and he would back away.

Now I find this amazing. You would think that this huge dog would just use his obvious physical advantage to get his bone back but he obviously did not have the belief in himself to pull that off.

Clearly it is not how big he is on the outside that counts. Our dog is tiny on the outside but massive and ferocious on the inside. Rex is massive on the outside but tiny on the inside!

As a result, all the physical form that Rex has is worth nothing because he does not recognise it or use it. Our tiny little Silky Terrier doesn’t need to be physically daunting because she just believes she is that way and her demeanour does the work for her.

Obviously there is a lot to be learned here for us as people living our lives.

How many times have you shied away from a challenge or something you wanted to achieve because you thought you could never be big enough? Have you ever said “I’d love to do such and such” but done nothing about it?

We all have!

However, it’s just because we are too small on the inside, with a lack of belief in ourselves that has us saying we want to do things that we never actually tackle. We think we have to be better or smarter than we currently are. In fact all we need is to be bigger on the inside like my little Silky Terrier.

Obviously it has lots less to do with your actual ability than your belief that you can take on your goals and win. It’s about deciding you are big enough for the challenge and going for it.

I think the beginning of a new year is a great time to say, “OK I am going to do something to improve my life”. “I’m gonna be bigger on the inside!”

However, I have heard many people say recently “I never set New Years Resolutions because I never see them through”. I reckon this is pretty crook!

It is better to have a go even if you do fall by the way-side; better than not trying at all!

So, have a look at yourself in the mirror and see a Great Dane no matter what image is looking back at you. 2013 can be your year. Take the ‘bone’ off your big problems and don’t give it back!  If my little dog can boss Rexey around then all of us can tell our world we are going to be boss of what happens to us throughout this next year and make it count!

So, I am really looking forward to 2013 and I look forward to helping you have a great year as well!

I have already planned the first of many seminars and workshops and am already taking bookings. I have set up booking pages for Cashflow Clinics around Australia and two Cracking The Success Code Workshops. I’d love to see you at one of these events.

Warm Regards

David Wright