What your focus on money says about you

Welcome back after the Christmas and New Years break!

I’m looking forward to 2014 and bringing you my thoughts on personal finances and all those things that effect your financial outcomes in life.

Let’s get started!

Your ability to perform

A Harvard University study showed that a person’s effectiveness decreases by up to 50% when they have financial problems?

Think about it! If you have bills to pay and no money it is hard to get your money troubles out of your mind. Your ability to focus on your work is severely impaired in this situation and you don’t perform well at work or anywhere else for that matter!

When we don’t have money we focus on it way too much!

But the trouble is….

When we do have money we don’t focus on it enough!

We slip into financial trouble and so we focus focus focus and then when things get better we stop focussing on money and we put our focus back to hobbies, interests and the things we want to do.

With no focus on our finances we slip back into trouble again and a cycle develops and repeats!

We focus too much on money when we don’t have it and not enough when we do.

We must devote regular time to the issue of money so that it does not become all important. All successful people make money an urgent priority, even when they are not experiencing difficulty!

Over the Christmas New Year break I spent time listening to a 4 part audio series called ‘How to Make Your First Million in Seven Years’ by Bodo Schafer, millionaire, author and Europe’s No.1 money-coach. It was packed full of really great information and reinforced some of my thoughts. You can bet some topics for future e-mails will come from this.

You may already know I recommend and sell a great book written by Bodo called ‘The Road To Financial Freedom’.

I was so impressed with this audio series I have now added it to my product list and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking “OK January 2014 is slipping away and I really wanted to make a change this year but so far I haven’t worked out what to do about it or how!”

Here is an opportunity to get some really great education at a totally inexpensive price.

Having money means having freedom and being able to live a more independent life. ‘How to make Your First Million in Seven Years’ gives you all the information you need in order to become financially free. It is easy to listen to, understand and follow.

Bodo says that wealth is your birthright and that anyone can become wealthy. They just need to know and implement the rules.

“How to Make Your First Million in Seven Years” will give you the rules (and a whole lot more). Listen, take notes and most of all take action on the information in this audio and you will find your life will change.

Of course I’m sure you already know change is not something humans normally do that well so having Bodo as a coach in this way is a huge boost if you really want to achieve your financial goals, dreams and aspirations.

Much of the content in this audio course has direct links to the best selling book ‘The Road to Financial Freedom’ and being able to listen to Bodo as he delivers this information really brings it to life.

At $39.95 this audio recording is a bargain. It is a digital product that you download onto your computer and then I would recommend you copy it across to a portable device such as your phone or mp3 player and listen to it on the way to and from work and anywhere else you get the chance.

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There is no better way to improve your finances than to educate yourself in financial matters.

“Money is reserved for those who know the

laws of money and follow the rules”.

Yes it may be more attractive to focus all your spare energy on your hobbies and other interests but the cost of doing so and ignoring your financial education will be much more than you think.

All your hobbies and interests cost money and I’m sure if you had an abundance of money you would enjoy your hobbies and interests a lot more!

Better golf clubs, more handbags and shoes, bigger donations, more holidays and travel; whatever it is, you are missing out if you are not making it your business to learn all you can about money and apply it.

In the process you will become be a more effective person who brings more to not just your own life but also all those around you!

It is my passion to deliver valuable information to you and this is something I am not only very happy to recommend, I will be very excited for all those people who take action!

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