What’s Happening in 2012

Hello everyone. 2012 is looking very busy already.

I sent the following info out in a recent e-mail but should have put it up here at that time. People keep asking what is happening so here is the list (so far).

MORE – This year (as always) we continue to improve, develop, deliver and support the Simply Budgets and DebtBuster Software. We have had a hold-up in the development of an Apple compatible Simply Budgets product but it is a good one. There are new options coming available soon that may allow us to create one single Simply Budgets application and then compile it for PC or Apple or Linux etc at the press of a button. Pretty exciting if it is as good as it is reported to be.

Of course the hold-up is waiting to check it out to see if it is as good as it is cracked up to be and then there will be another huge job of creating the next new version but it is always a work in progress.

Another possibly exciting de velopment in this area is that hopefully for the first time software will have graphics that scale to fill your screen so an application can be written and it will scale to fit on the screen it is displayed on. Up till now every part of what you see on the screen in your software had to have a designated size in pixels and had to be moved around to try to fit the particular screen it was displayed on without flowing off the edge or becoming distorted, something that has often caused headaches. Hopefully all a thing of the past!

NEW – Reduce your electricity consumption by 10 to 15% using totally new technology that pays for itself in 12 to 18 months (guaranteed). I was so impressed with this technology I bought the company (well not really – I just remembered a line from a very old TV commercial and just felt like throwing it in there!).

I will have this product available in the very near future. I just need to take care of some technical details that will ensure people get the right sized unit for their particular needs. The way electricity prices are going up this is a top priority product.

NEW – I am really excited this year to be broadening my area of education and coaching & training. Over the years I personally have developed systems and methods to help people get on top of their day to day cashflow and I have had phenomenal success with tens of thousands of people. Now it is time to also look at the broader issues that have a negative impact on people’s lives, other than just money.

Everyone spends their days balancing relationships, time and money. I have predominantly just focussed on the money part of that trio.

Simply Budgets ‘Life Management’ will cross the line to get all three areas in harmony.

Having control of your money and paying your bills on time is a great feeling but if you and your spouse are struggling to work together on the bigger picture or your relationship is not working on a number of levels then paying bills on time does not equate to that happy fulfilling life you desire.

If you are so busy working that you don’t have time for relationships with others or time for yourself, then having your money under control is not gonna be such a great feeling either.

There are actually 12 pieces to the puzzle that go to make up your balanced life and these will all be covered on a regular schedule.

More about this in one of my next e-mails.

MORE – As usual I will be visiting all the major Australian cities to present workshops. This year I am changing the format of my training days to bring new information and more energy and excitement into the classes.

I will be presenting information personally and will also be bringing trusted colleagues who are the experts in their fields for specific workshops and seminars. Keep an eye out for dates of events in your area when these are published shortly.

MORE – As always I will continue writing educational blogs and e-mails designed to get you thinking about matters relating to money & life.

BONUS – I’m looking for an enthusiastic bunch to join my Simple Wealth Steps program in February. This group will get to enjoy the added benefit of bonus weekly teleconferences with me. We will be discussing each week’s topic and I can answer any questions that might come up and of course connecting at the same time each week in this way will help to keep everyone focused on the program. I want to make sure my Simple Wealth Steps program really delivers what it promises and this added bonus will be a really great incentive to help people make the decision to get involved early in 2012.

NEW – For people who have the best intentions to stick to their budget but lack the self discipline to actually make that happen and this is holding them back, I am adding a very powerful new service where I can watch over your shoulder and hold you accountable to your budget targets each week to get you over that lack of self-discipline. People who have used this service in the past have reported amazing results and I have now simplified and perfected the system to deliver it, so I am now making it widely available to anyone who needs it (or wants it).