What’s Your Excuse?

Today’s topic is Excuses which is Big-‘E’ number nine on my list of words that start with the letter ‘E’ that will determine your financial destiny.

So this may be a pretty confronting topic for some people.

We all have things we would like to do and we all have reasons why we are not getting to do them.

As people get older I notice they have a tendency to give up on dreaming because they lose belief in their ability to ever get to do or achieve the things they once thought they might.


Over the years I have had all sorts of reasons given to me by people as to why they can not overcome these reasons. Here are some of them.

  1. too young
  2. too old
  3. too tall
  4. too short
  5. too fat
  6. too skinny
  7. wrong race
  8. wrong religion
  9. born into the wrong family
  10. went to the wrong school
  11. live in the wrong place
  12. born at the wrong time
  13. got no money
  14. too busy
  15. too tired
  16. single parent
  17. abusive partner
  18. rotten childhood
  19. health problems
  20. unlucky

Now of course I’m sure you have never used any one of those excuses for not achieving what you wanted.

Only True if You Believe them

The thing is that there is only one person who actually believes your excuses and that is you!

There are millions of people in the world who had an excuse and ignored it. In fact many of them used the excuse as the motivation to over-achieve! So many high achievers have had to overcome a disability of some kind. It’s almost as if people who are born quite normal lack the drive to push themselves and people who have had to push themselves to overcome a problem have gone further and excelled!

Grant Hackett had an asthma condition that he could have used as an excuse NOT to compete in swimming events. His coach did not even know of his condition for quite some time!

Libby Trickett had small feet and asthma but didn’t let that get in her way to winning 3 Olympic Gold medals in swimming.

Ian Thorpe was allergic to pool chlorine at one stage.

Leo Sayer had a number of hit singles in the 70’s and he started singing because his doctor told him it might help his asthma! He still gets invited all over the world to perform his hit songs 35 years later!

Check out these two blokes on You Tube and tell me they didn’t have a valid excuse…



Nobody achieves everything they can dream of so don’t beat yourself up after seeing those two but you do need to work out what your excuses are!

Make a List – Write a Story

Here’s what I reckon you should do! Write down your excuses! Write down exactly why you are not being, doing and having everything that you would like.

Write at least 3 ‘stories’ about yourself. I have started each one for you here below.

1. “I don’t have xxxxxxx because…..”

2. “I am not spending time xxxxxx because…”

3. “I don’t get paid 10 times my current income because….”

Do not stop writing each story until you absolutely can not think of one more word to write. Then go on to the next one. If you find you think the last story is stupid then you really have to overcome the issue of your limited belief in what you are worthy of!

I think you will find a few excuses in there if you carry out this exercise honestly.

When you have done that, you need to ask the question, “What do I need to do and who can help me stop using these excuses”.

The Power of Belief

I remember being told in school that in Aboriginal culture if someone pointed a bone at another person they would be dead in 3 days. I’m not sure if it was a special bone or under special circumstances but I was amazed to learn that. The power of belief is an amazing thing. You need to be careful what you believe if this is true, and you also need to know what you believe!

So, we all have excuses that are holding us back and we need to find out what they are. We then need to prove them to be wrong.

Bodo Schaffer makes the point in his book ‘The Road To Financial Freedom’ that for every person on the planet with a belief you can find someone else with the opposite belief and both people have reasons that are valid and real for them.

He says, if a belief (an excuse) is holding you back then look at how someone with the opposite belief is justifying that belief and then change yours! After all a belief can be changed in an instant!

A child learning to ride a bike who just fell off for the 20th time could say “I can’t ride a bike” and believe it. They could walk away believing for the rest of their life that they can not ride. They would then start to create the excuses. I’m too tall, too short, too something or other. Or they could decide to give it one more go.

Then on the 21st try if they don’t fall off they will change that belief in an instant! “So I CAN ride a bike!”

I’ll leave you to give this some serious thought!

Hopefully you are enjoying and learning from my Big-‘E’s and hopefully you are able to apply each one of them to becoming more prosperous.


Have a great day!
David Wright

Simply Budgets