Where are You?

Where are you?

Have you ever been lost? Perhaps in a shopping centre or in a city you are unfamiliar with!

It’s almost impossible to get to where you want to go if you don’t know where you are! You might get there by accident but otherwise you simply just get more lost the more you try to get ‘unlost’.

I remember when I was in England a few years ago. I hired a car so I could visit a few places of interest. At the end of the day I was returning the car and I just took one wrong turn and for the next hour I drove round and round though a maze of narrow country lanes and small villages that just seemed to go on for ever.

Round and round in circles I went. I was totally lost!

I kept coming back to places I had been before over and over again. I was beginning to get familiar with those places, but I didn’t know where those places were outside the maze I was trapped in! I had a roadmap but it was useless to me because I didn’t know where I was on that map!

I was beginning to think I would be sleeping in the hire car for the night until just by a stroke of good luck I came up to a large roundabout that I recognised from earlier in the day and within a few minutes I was where I wanted to go. What a relief!

The irony of it all was that for the hour I was lost I was probably never more than two miles from where I wanted to go. I just didn’t know where I was so I couldn’t get there!

So my first tip for you for 2015 is to find yourself! Then you can start moving towards what it is you want.

If you feel like your finances (and maybe even your life) has been going round and round in circles and you recognise those same old places but they are NOT where you want to be, then it is time to take action to find yourself!

You need a roadmap for your money and it needs to start from where you are right now.

Four Magic Numbers

There are four simple numbers you need to know that will locate you exactly.

  1. How much money could you get if you sold everything?
  2. How much money do you owe?
  3. How much money would it cost you to live each week if you took out all luxuries?
  4. What is your income?

When you have these 4 numbers you know where you are and you can measure all your future positions against where you are now to see if you are making progress. You can also begin to plan how to get to a better place.

Why not take some time out this long week-end to fiind your four numbers?

If you’re not sure how to do this, for just $1 you can download a 30 day trial of my Simply Budgets software which will make it really easy. Details are at my website.

Anyway this is not a commercial so I won’t go on about it, but if you don’t have a copy it will save you heaps of time, especially if you are not sure how to go about it in the first place!

Have a close look at your 4 numbers.

If 1 minus 2 is a negative we need to talk!

If 3 minus 4 is a negative we really need to talk!

If both of these are negative we really need to talk urgently!

Why People Struggle With Money

I have just posted a short video on YouTube that will give you a really clear understanding of why people have trouble with money.

Having a roadmap is so important, but how do you make a roadmap for your money and what is the real reason people struggle with money?

What does a roadmap need to do for you?

What I teach is so so simple.

Take a few minutes now to watch that video clip and your 2015 will have potential you never dreamed of if you have not seen or understood this before.

Here’s the link http://youtu.be/parkUb6crtQ

It is a snippet taken from one of my Succeed With Money workshops and I feel it is probably THE most important thing I can ever impart to someone to get them started on the road to better finances.


That’s all for today.

Warm Regards
David Wright