Where Does Money Come From? – Part 1

Over the years I haven’t really written much about earning extra income. I have focused on writing about money management, planning ahead and being a good steward with money. The reason for this is that I’m really aware that no matter how much income people earn, most of them struggle with their finances.

As I see it, the most important priority is to take control of what you do earn. Only then do I see earning extra income as something worth pursuing. If you can’t manage the money you currently earn I guarantee you won’t manage double your income any better and if you can’t be happy living on a meagre income you won’t be happy living on a high income. Happiness and a high income are not connected.

Today I’m going to break tradition and begin a series of messages that are based on information from my Simple Wealth Steps course that is all about earning more income. I did wonder if I should warn you not to read these if you haven’t learned to live on your current income but then I decided I’ll let you make your own choice. Just be aware that you need to take the first simple wealth step first and not the second one first.

So, assuming that you have your finances under control, you know the minimum cost per week for your family to live a basic existence and you are either doing that or better and you now want to turn up the volume and your expectations around earning extra income are not misguided, let’s talk about ways to increase your income.

To my way of thinking the place to start is to ask the question “where does money come from?”  Considering that money is simply a tool for transferring energy from one place to another and it is constantly flowing either towards or away from you, you need to ask the question “why does it flow towards some people and away from others?”

Is it predominantly flowing towards you or away from you? Regardless of which way it is flowing the reason for that flow lies in where you are focusing your thoughts and your energy.

If you are constantly focused on things that you want to buy and bills that you have to pay and the fact that there is never enough money to pay for the things you want, you’re focused on outflow and that is what you will get.

You need to understand that what you focus on grows and what you neglect dies.

If you focus on not having enough money that is what you’ll get. On the other hand if you focus on abundance and you are constantly looking for ways to improve other people’s lives then you’re focused on inflow and that is what you will get.

If you asked the question “where does money come from?” you will realise that money comes from solving other people’s problems. If nobody had a problem there would be very few opportunities to earn an income.

So today’s message is very simple. I want you to identify where your current focus lies and where your energy is going. What do you spend your spare time on, what are your passions and what are your expectations going forward? If you have reached the point where you are ready for your income to increase then it is time to make a commitment to focusing on generating that outcome.

If you stay focused and committed, you will begin to see the opportunities and the problems that need solving that you can take action on in order to increase your income. They may be at your work place, in your local community, or on a wider horizon; just start looking and focussing!

If you are not prepared to be focused and committed to increasing your income and your desire to earn more is wishy-washy and not sincere then don’t even waste your time thinking about it. It’s not going to happen. Go and buy yourself a lotto ticket. I hope you have good luck.

If you are committed, keep an eye out my next blog where we will explore this topic further.

That’s all for today.

David Wright