Why is today such a bad day to start a personal budget?

Why is today such a bad day to start a personal budget?

Post by David Wright

6 Sep 2013

Today I want to ask you for some help if that’s OK.

As probably know, my passion and my mission is to help as many people as possible to get their day to day finances under control so they have a solid foundation to build future wealth on. I recently began seeing the social benefits of getting this solid financial foundation right as well. Financial stress destroys marriages and therefore puts children at
risk so I see this is incredibly important work!

So how can you help me?

Many of you who use my Simply Budgets software tell your friends about the benefits you have found in using it. I know of people who have just about gone right through their entire neighbourhood converting people to Simply Budgets.

Thanks to anyone who has recommended me, however that’s not what I am asking for today. I want to know what was going on in your head BEFORE you decided to do something about your personal budget.

So I want to know why now is not a good time to start budgeting.

For example, I often found that when I met someone new and I told them I did budgets for people they would say something like “Oh I should get you to come around and do one for me. I need to do something about that”. However when I then said “OK, what are you doing tomorrow night?” they would back away very quickly saying now is not a good time.

I want to know what stops us from embracing personal budgeting. Why do we back away?

If you are still holding out on embracing personal budgeting, what is the story going around in your head? OR, if you are now a happy de-stressed Simply Budgets user, what was holding you back before you decided to do something about it?

If I can get a better understanding of this I may be able to press the right buttons for more people who are in need of help but who are resisting doing something about it.

Thanks in advance. I think it is going to be interesting reading actually!

Please send your e-mail to [email protected]. It doesn’t need to be lengthy, short and to the point will be fine.


That’s all for today. I’ll report back with a summary of my findings.

David Wright