Why Would I Accept This Offer?

Why Would I Accept This Offer?

I received a letter in the mail the other day offering for me to pay my electricity bill monthly rather than 3 monthly. To some this might sound like a good idea and a way of making the electricity bill less of a shock when it arrives (pun intended).

However I don’t think it is that great an idea at all. Here’s why.

I get to use electricity for 3 months before I have to pay for it. That means I’m getting 3 months free credit on my electricity account and instead of paying the electricity company I can use my money to help pay other bills that fall due before the quarterly electricity bill.

If I were to accept the offer I wold lose that benefit; not something I am keen to do.

People who don’t have a spending plan are usually attracted to the option of paying bills more frequently in an attempt to try and get on top of their finances, but in fact they are outlaying money to the utility company, insurance company, local council, state government or whoever else it is they have commitments to, when they could make better use of the money themselves.

Having a Spending Plan allows you to get into a position where you are in control and you get to make the most efficient use of your resources. Your Credit Card becomes a tool for making even better use still of your resources while offering a convenient way to pay your bills, rather than it acting as a sinking life raft.

If the Federal, State and Local governments and all successful businesses have plans for their finances then it makes sense that you should too.

I encourage you to start today. It isn’t that hard. Yes, it requires a little bit of your time to set it up but the benefits you get will far outweigh the cost of the time involved. If you’re afraid of what you might find when you start looking into your finances, let me tell you that nobody ever makes their finances better by ignoring them.

You owe it to yourself to have an easier financial journey, one with much less money stress and the feeling of satisfaction that you are heading in the right direction.

I don’t care how you do it, but I certainly recommend that you should create your own spending plan as soon as possible.

If you want help with this, have a look to see who is available near you by going to http://spendingplannersinstitute.com/find-a-spending-planner/