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As a general rule it makes a lot of sense to use delayed gratification when it comes to money.

You should endeavour to only borrow money for things that do not lose value. If you borrow money to buy things that do lose value, you are not getting the most out of your money and you run the risk of never reaching your full financial potential.

Sure you can have lots of things now, but you have to wear the consequences later on and the pleasure now may not warrant the pain then.
I have seen people run up huge credit card debts for things they just ‘had to have’.

This is a common situation, and my recommendation to get back on track is using a method called “snowballing”. What this means is to concentrate as much extra money as possible onto one of the loan payments until it is finally paid off.

There can be confusion as to which loan to tackle first, and certainly an argument could be put forward to suggest it should be the one with the highest interest rate, but there are other attributes to take into account also.

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To work out how to best snowball your credit payments get our FREE debt calculator!


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